Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wii Wish You A Merry Christmas...

Well, I managed to make it 16 years before giving in.  I said, at the birth of our first child, "No, kid of mine will ever have video games!"  Sixteen years was a good run, but I finally acquiesced (ok, I protested some). Santa brought the family a Wii for Christmas.  I know that I will regret the acquisition at some point, but for now, everyone is enjoying some fun "together" time. They are playing side by side, big & little, skilled & unskilled with relatively few arguments.  I have sat nearby reading, sometimes joining in, and observing the funny things kids say when they think no one is listening.  For your amusement and mine I proudly present...
Wii say the darndest things
"I totally ninja'd that! 
"I've got the force."
"I'm not THAT bad at walking."
"Last time you tried to fix something, we blew up."
"Those are really fast units!"
"Holy mackerel, that one is on acid!"
"I got hit in the face with a squash."
"Santa brought us this 'cuz he didn't know that mom hates video games."
"I'll just stand here and look cute."
"I am all crumpled and I twitch, that equals sick."
"I cannot reflect power of that magnitude."
"Can we pleeeease trade bodies?"
"You should have seen that there was a CLIFF!"
"I blew something up for you."    "Awww how romantic."


  1. my sister got a Wii too! we spent christmas day "Mii'ing & Wii'ing". it's actually pretty fun. i'm not a big video gamer at all. she's getting the Wii Fit tomorrow for her birthday... now THAT is something i'm hoping i could benefit from : )

    Merry belated Christmas!

  2. My Mii looks just like me! The kids also made Jimi Hendrix, Tim Burton and all of the Beatles! That was the best part. I think the fit may be next on the list too. The kids had sore muscles just from bowling and baseball. I cannot imagine what the WiiFit would do!

  3. "That Equals Sick" is the name of my new band! Coming to an amphitheater near you.


  4. I'm impressed you have gone 16 years without video games. I am one of those abusive parents who still hasn't given in. The Wii's look fun so our days may be numbered.

  5. Hey, we finally gave in this year, too. So far it's been a pretty good gift and very little fighting. Here's hoping it stays that way! Happy New Year!