Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Not-So Triumphant Return of an Absentee Blogger

I have no excuses. I can make a few, the kids are home for summer break so I never get to use the computer or we have been on vacation a lot or I am so thoroughly enjoying the season that I don't have time to sit in front of the computer and write. All of these are true to some extent. I might also add that I doubt anyone misses this little blog and I am sure both of my readers have had much more interesting things to entertain them the last couple of months. But just in case someone is I am! It really has been a great summer so far, although as usual, it is flying by all too quickly. Once again I find myself wishing that I could will the hands of time to stop turning. Summer is that amazing time of year when all the cares of the world seem to float away on those wispy white clouds, hopefully never to be heard from again. So, in celebration of our 10th week of summer vacation...dunt, dunt, dunt, duh...
My 10 favorite
things about this summer so far
1. Picking lemons from the tree and making lemonade on the spot!
2. Letting teenagers do my hair at girl's camp.
3. Family trees
4. 7 year old girls who are not afraid of THIS
5. Wearing out a 16 year old.
6. Water, sand and Sunshine
7. The freedom of a bicycle
8. Dirty Feet
9. Hay rides down on Grandpa's farm
10. Pictures of my super studly hubby on his adventures without me.
Four more weeks to go...Hooray summer!!!
Quote of the Day: "Love means having someone you like around you forever."
--Rebekah baby princess, ballerina and philosopher age 7