Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calling All Cards?

Not long ago, I posted a little blurb about a cool chick I call "PurseLover".  That name came from part of her "title" printed on her business cards.  I sorta fell in love with the idea of having an interesting title like that.  Here is the deal though.  I need help picking one out.  I honestly do not know how many people read this little bit of a blog, but if all of you (feel free to do it anonymously) would give me a few suggestions, I think it would be fun.  Admittedly a wee bit self-indulgent on my part, but fun! In my profile I described my occupation as "Full-time mom/part-time yogi.  While accurate, it lacks the flair I am looking for. Perhaps though, I lack the flair I am looking for? There's a title for you...Flairless Middle-Aged Mom/Yoga Instructor. Oooh... perhaps I should rethink this calling card idea altogether? Hopefully someone out there can come up with something better.  And it's ok with me if you make me sound more interesting than I really am, but please Help!

Wii Wish You A Merry Christmas...

Well, I managed to make it 16 years before giving in.  I said, at the birth of our first child, "No, kid of mine will ever have video games!"  Sixteen years was a good run, but I finally acquiesced (ok, I protested some). Santa brought the family a Wii for Christmas.  I know that I will regret the acquisition at some point, but for now, everyone is enjoying some fun "together" time. They are playing side by side, big & little, skilled & unskilled with relatively few arguments.  I have sat nearby reading, sometimes joining in, and observing the funny things kids say when they think no one is listening.  For your amusement and mine I proudly present...
Wii say the darndest things
"I totally ninja'd that! 
"I've got the force."
"I'm not THAT bad at walking."
"Last time you tried to fix something, we blew up."
"Those are really fast units!"
"Holy mackerel, that one is on acid!"
"I got hit in the face with a squash."
"Santa brought us this 'cuz he didn't know that mom hates video games."
"I'll just stand here and look cute."
"I am all crumpled and I twitch, that equals sick."
"I cannot reflect power of that magnitude."
"Can we pleeeease trade bodies?"
"You should have seen that there was a CLIFF!"
"I blew something up for you."    "Awww how romantic."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Blogger on Blogging

You know what?  In the middle of the night, in that odd awake/asleep state, I think of the most amazing topics for this here little blog.  But then I wake up, and "poof" it is gone!  I can usually manage to hang on to it for the first few wake cycles, but that is about it.  Clearly my subconscious is much more intelligent, interesting and thoughtful than my conscious.  Although, Brother got me thinking with his blog--recently started after my constant urging.  What an odd phenomenon is the blog world.  Who are we to think that we have anything to say that anyone would want to hear?  Most of the time, I doubt that my own family (i.e. those obligated by blood or marriage to at least pretend to be interested) particularly cares what I have to rant or ramble about.  Are we truly a narcissistic society, so caught up in our own opinions and postulations as to believe that others would want to read them, to the tune of thousands of bloggers, publishing thousands upon thousands of posts each week? Clearly, yes, we are.  BUT truth be told...I love it!  I have always loved discussing, debating, deliberating, conversing, examining, exploring, analyzing and connecting with people.  This is a new medium that is all. For decades, Americans have tuned in to watch the daily goings-on of strangers that became friends, and families that became part of our own.  The thing is...they weren't real.  From the Cleavers to the Huxtables we adopted these synthetic kinsfolk into our own tribes.  We laughed, cried, and celebrated with Joey and Chandler, Jerry and George, Hawkeye and BJ (or Trapper-depending on how old you are), & Lorelai and Rory.  As a society, we connected through these communal television families. The people were not real, but the connections were.  Through blogging, we have both.  I love the sneak peek into the daily (even if mundane) lives of friends and family.  Do I think that it would be better for us to bind these ties face to face? Yes, but that is not the reality of the times we are living in.  I live 100's of miles from my "hometown".  Also true of my college home.  My friends and family are spread literally from border to border and from sea to shining sea. We have, however, this place to converge, to rally, to reunite, to associate, to mingle, to share, to connect and reconnect.  So, while there may not always be a lot to say, keep saying it.  This is what we talk about around the water cooler now.  Real people, real lives. Ordinary and humdrum at times.  Remarkable and Amazing at others.  Blogging is journalism, poetry, prose, expression, conversation, news and stories.  It is whatever you want it to be.  So, I say...Blog On!
Quote of the day: "A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from share your shopping list, to change the world."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cool By Association

I met an amazing artist recently.  Her name is Lori, and her official title (i.e. printed on her business cards) is Purse Lover and Seamstress.  I find that quite intriguing.  I wish I had a cool title like that.  I think actually, that I am going to get one!  Not sure what it is going to be yet though. Perhaps I have to actually get cool first.  Then the cool description just follows, eh?  It just may be a little late in my life to get cool now. I will work on it.  In the meantime, I hope I can get some "cool-by-association" points, by introducing you to Lori.  She has a great (and growing) shop on etsy.  Her stuff is truly unique, and inspired.  She somehow blends the vintage with the modern-the classy with the quirky-throws in a bit of nostalgia and comes up with something you have never seen before.  Perhaps she should add "magical lady" to her resume! (She does look a bit like a tiny pixie straight from a fairytale).  Anyway, I really like her cute things, and I know she would appreciate everyone taking a peek! Watch for a new side bar called "DressUp" where I can let you guys know when I find cute stuff to fill our closets!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All You Need is Love...

Today is Hunky Hubby's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Love!   This is the 19th time we have celebrated this occasion together. Yeah!  So, as a tribute...41 things I love about HH (41 is just a random number--it isn't because that is how old he is or anything like that!)  He...
41. Has great legs
40. Will eat almost anything
39. Is amazingly strong 
38. Loves the outdoors
37. Helps with laundry and yucky chores
36. Always calls me by cutsie pet names
35. Whenever I see something I like he always says "buy it" even though I never do
34. Doesn't watch sports except BYU football (and that is with me)
33. Is ridiculously smart!
32. Works really hard
31. Is careful with money
30. Works at staying physically fit
29. Is sweet to kids
28. Mops the kitchen floor on his hands and knees
27. Keeps the yard looking nice
26. Always supports my quirky ideas
25. Has a terrific smile
24. Is a good athlete
23. Doesn't stink when he gets sweaty
22. Grows a nice beard and mustache, but shaves before I get tired of it
21. Tells me I am a good cook, even though I am not
20. Tells me I am good at other things, even though I am not
19. Probably actually believes I am good at those things
18. Is cuter now than when we met
17. Is incredibly good with babies
16. Cleans up poop and puke
15. Is not a work-aholic
14. Always does the driving on long trips
13. Takes us on long trips to cool places
12. Is quite brave
11. Likes to camp, hike and bike with me
10. Has a good sense of humor
9. Doesn't mind that I am ornery and sarcastic 
8. Is an Eagle Scout (c'mon was there any doubt?)
7. Knows what good music is
6. Likes foreign movies
5. Laughs at the same stuff I do
4. Has awesome burns!
3. Has good taste in shoes 
2. Is adventurous
1. Is mine!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The SanFrancisco Treat

Perhaps I have already used up my allowance for walks down memory lane, but I thought of a couple of other truly memorable holidays.  So, good news or bad news first?  Ok, good it is. *Warning* This is another story that makes Hunky Hubby look pretty dang good...
I have always wanted to learn to play the flute.  Maybe not always, but a long time, for sure. About 7 years ago I mentioned this to HH, and he remembered. At Christmas,  I was never more surprised to unwrap a gift in my entire life.  I always ask for, and usually receive, very practical, useful and frugal gifts.  Everything else has always seemed extravagant.  This gift still makes me smile.  Every time I pick it up to play, I think of that wonderful Christmas!  Thanks babe.
Now...the less happy memory, that actually turned out to be a rather happy memory, or at least one that I can tell the kids when they get to whining about stuff that they don't have!
I was away at college Thanksgiving 1990.  Money was tight, so I stayed at school for the holiday break.  (If my mom reads this ... I know you would have flown me home, but I didn't want to spend the money, ok!)  My friend Pam was in the same boat (I know she is reading this!).  We were the only 2 in our whole building who did not go home for the break (insert sniff).  We were in dormitories with no kitchen, but our "House Mom" said that we could use her kitchen If we wanted.  Only it never occurred to Pam or me to get any food to cook in this kitchen! We were fine the first day or two of the break, with the cafeteria and restaurants open. Then...Thanksgiving morning.  We head to the kitchen to cook up a nice, even if perhaps untraditional, Turkey Day feast!  I am sure you have figured out by now what we found! (Laughing yet Puma?)  Ya, nothing much.  The only thing in the kitchen was Rice-A-Roni, icecream cones, and some tremendously freezer burnt vanilla icecream.  That was our feast. And believe you me, we were grateful to have it!  We boo-hooed and felt sufficiently sorry for ourselves for most of the day.  But...guess what else?  The pizza places deliver after 5:00pm on Thanksgiving...who knew!?
Quote of the Day:"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."
--Oscar Wilde playwright 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

StockingStuffers and RollerSkates

As the holiday of greatest gift giving speedily approaches, I turn my attention, not to Christmas presents, but rather Christmas pasts...Golly, I crack myself up!  We all have those fond childhood memories of a favorite Christmas spent, or gift received.  I  share just a few of mine. Stockings were a huge deal in my childhood home.  Brother, Sister and I would go out to the living room to find our GIGANTIC stockings overflowing with little surprises.  I think Santa did this so Mom and Dad could catch a few more minutes of sleep as we were allowed to open these before they got up. We would take turns pulling out each individual item, allowing ample time for oohing and aahing.  It was never anything more than candies, nuts or maybe even socks, but it was my favorite part of Christmas morning.  The best stocking stuffer was the ubiquitous 1970's, every girl has to have one in her back pocket, comes in a million flavors, "only Bonne Bell's got 'em" Lip Smackers! The guys are all saying, "What is she talking about?"  But the chicks remember 'em. One whiff of that fake grapey smell and I am ten years old again.  Ah, memories...
A favorite, every-other-year cuz you outgrow them, gift I remember well was roller skates. I grew up in California, so we could actually use this gift christmas morning.  The year I got my first tennis shoe skates was memorable as well.  I looked awesome skating to school with those peeking out from the bottom of my Dittos.  I was rad!  I relished the 1980's gifts of sweaters that were 3 sizes too big, gaudy plastic jewelry & leg warmers, and the new fangled musical storage device,the cassette tape, along with the boom box or Walkman to play them! 
Fast forward to my first Christmas with Hunky Hubby.  (Well, our first married Christmas...the year we were dating at Christmas, he went skiing with some chick named Heather, but that is a post for another day!)  We were poor college students and we would be heading to my parents house for Christmas so HH said we should not do a tree. I really wanted one.  While I was in class one day, Hubby managed to get a little Charlie Brown tree for free from the cubscouts who had given up on selling the sad sapling.  He dragged it to our little apartment and borrowed lights from a neighbor and covered it with Christmas ribbon tied in little bows.  I knew he was a keeper from the beginning!  I have the added bonus of being married to a Christmas baby.  I try to be careful to make sure that his birthday is special and doesn't just blend into the next week.  That includes not wrapping his birthday presents in Christmas paper turned inside out!  
We of course have our own traditions now with our own little family.  A favorite of everyone's is putting out the Nativity scene. 
When our oldest (girl, 16) was about 4, we painted ceramic Nativity pieces. She was in charge of the animals.  All went well until she got tired of brown donkeys, brown camels and brown cows.  We, therefore, have a purple cow with black spots and a gold head in our Nativity scene.  Yes, it is one of a kind...just like this daughter!
Have yourself a Merry little Christmas...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Conversations with Brother--We aren't the only ones, right?

I am going to start a periodic series of posts I will call Conversations with Brother. And yes, that is an authentic photograph of Brother playing air-guitar, apparently unaware of the fact that he is holding an actual guitar. Quite frankly, although he is a decent guitarist, his air-guitar competence is far superior, and it was a riff that allowed the greater of his two skills to shine.  I digress...When we talk, we often get to laughing and cannot stop.  I don't know if anyone else will find our conversations even a little bit funny, but I need to preserve them for my own records.  So here is the first. Preface:I have mentioned before that my brother and I love making lists.  Lists that we often debate and discuss in-depth for whatever sick, twisted and pathetic reasons.  I hesitate to even share this story with you, but it really illustrates our odd obsession very well.  During a rather lengthy phone conversation recently with Brother, I mentioned that I often get odd looks when I reference some of the lists in public. He questioned when and why. I share the rest of the story in transcript:
ME: Well, let's say I am at the gym and a John Fogerty song comes on and I say, "woo hoo--5th best rock vocalist ever" People look at me kinda weird.
BRO: Why? That is cool.  If I heard some chick say "wow that guy is the 7th best drummer ever", even if she was wrong and he was actually the 15th best drummer ever, I would ask her to marry me.
ME: (uncontrollable hysterical laughter)
BRO:  What is so funny?
ME: So, hypothetically, if you heard some girl say "Keith Moon is the 7th best drummer ever", even if she is wrong and Keith Moon is the 15th best drummer ever, you'd think she was cool?
BRO: Ya, except Moon is third.
ME:  (even more intense uncontrollable hysterical laughter--he takes this stuff soooo seriously, it was hypothetical!)  Just outta curiosity, who are #1 and #2?
BRO: C'mon!  It is so obvious!
ME: Well (temporarily forgetting his name) the drummer for Zeppelin is surely up there.
BRO: (a little irked at my obvious lack of focus) John Bonham, yes #2.
ME: (messing with the kid)  Um...Michael McDonald from The Doobies or maybe that one-armed guy from Def Leppard.
BRO: Are you trying to make me mad?  Ugh!  Ginger Baker...hello, hands down, no question!
At this point I realize, of course, that there is no point in arguing with the lad, he never changes his mind!  I also pointed out that he is the nerdiest nerdface that I know and perhaps we both ought to have a psychiatric evaluation.  Other people talk about this stuff, right?  We can't be the only ones...