Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All You Need is Love...

Today is Hunky Hubby's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Love!   This is the 19th time we have celebrated this occasion together. Yeah!  So, as a tribute...41 things I love about HH (41 is just a random number--it isn't because that is how old he is or anything like that!)  He...
41. Has great legs
40. Will eat almost anything
39. Is amazingly strong 
38. Loves the outdoors
37. Helps with laundry and yucky chores
36. Always calls me by cutsie pet names
35. Whenever I see something I like he always says "buy it" even though I never do
34. Doesn't watch sports except BYU football (and that is with me)
33. Is ridiculously smart!
32. Works really hard
31. Is careful with money
30. Works at staying physically fit
29. Is sweet to kids
28. Mops the kitchen floor on his hands and knees
27. Keeps the yard looking nice
26. Always supports my quirky ideas
25. Has a terrific smile
24. Is a good athlete
23. Doesn't stink when he gets sweaty
22. Grows a nice beard and mustache, but shaves before I get tired of it
21. Tells me I am a good cook, even though I am not
20. Tells me I am good at other things, even though I am not
19. Probably actually believes I am good at those things
18. Is cuter now than when we met
17. Is incredibly good with babies
16. Cleans up poop and puke
15. Is not a work-aholic
14. Always does the driving on long trips
13. Takes us on long trips to cool places
12. Is quite brave
11. Likes to camp, hike and bike with me
10. Has a good sense of humor
9. Doesn't mind that I am ornery and sarcastic 
8. Is an Eagle Scout (c'mon was there any doubt?)
7. Knows what good music is
6. Likes foreign movies
5. Laughs at the same stuff I do
4. Has awesome burns!
3. Has good taste in shoes 
2. Is adventurous
1. Is mine!


  1. Sounds like a keeper. Happy Birthday Uncle.

  2. Happy Birthday (late)! Hope it was a great one.

  3. What a nice tribute to your hubby- I thought you guys had just been married by the way he looked and smiled at you when we met. You guys are really cute. Thanks so much for posting such a nice blurb on me! love ya girl1 lori

  4. What is that crud he is eating?! Creepy.


  5. This is the first time I have seen a picure on your blog that included a face! wo!

    oh, and happy birthday uncle in-law.