Thursday, December 11, 2008

The SanFrancisco Treat

Perhaps I have already used up my allowance for walks down memory lane, but I thought of a couple of other truly memorable holidays.  So, good news or bad news first?  Ok, good it is. *Warning* This is another story that makes Hunky Hubby look pretty dang good...
I have always wanted to learn to play the flute.  Maybe not always, but a long time, for sure. About 7 years ago I mentioned this to HH, and he remembered. At Christmas,  I was never more surprised to unwrap a gift in my entire life.  I always ask for, and usually receive, very practical, useful and frugal gifts.  Everything else has always seemed extravagant.  This gift still makes me smile.  Every time I pick it up to play, I think of that wonderful Christmas!  Thanks babe.
Now...the less happy memory, that actually turned out to be a rather happy memory, or at least one that I can tell the kids when they get to whining about stuff that they don't have!
I was away at college Thanksgiving 1990.  Money was tight, so I stayed at school for the holiday break.  (If my mom reads this ... I know you would have flown me home, but I didn't want to spend the money, ok!)  My friend Pam was in the same boat (I know she is reading this!).  We were the only 2 in our whole building who did not go home for the break (insert sniff).  We were in dormitories with no kitchen, but our "House Mom" said that we could use her kitchen If we wanted.  Only it never occurred to Pam or me to get any food to cook in this kitchen! We were fine the first day or two of the break, with the cafeteria and restaurants open. Then...Thanksgiving morning.  We head to the kitchen to cook up a nice, even if perhaps untraditional, Turkey Day feast!  I am sure you have figured out by now what we found! (Laughing yet Puma?)  Ya, nothing much.  The only thing in the kitchen was Rice-A-Roni, icecream cones, and some tremendously freezer burnt vanilla icecream.  That was our feast. And believe you me, we were grateful to have it!  We boo-hooed and felt sufficiently sorry for ourselves for most of the day.  But...guess what else?  The pizza places deliver after 5:00pm on Thanksgiving...who knew!?
Quote of the Day:"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."
--Oscar Wilde playwright 


  1. I am laughing and crying at the same time!! That was such a pathetic holiday but I had you and so it was perfect! Thanks sooooo much for that memory and now I have to steal it for my blog (do you mind?) Was that also the year you convinced me to cut my hair short like yours and I haven't been able to grow it out since??

  2. Fun story! Was Sis. Cox the dorm mom then? I ran into her at the temple a couple of weks ago. She didn't know me from Eve, but she looks exactly the same. So, she works Friday mornings there, if you're ever in town.

  3. Yes, it was Sis Cox, I am glad she is still around...that was a while ago :)