Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cool By Association

I met an amazing artist recently.  Her name is Lori, and her official title (i.e. printed on her business cards) is Purse Lover and Seamstress.  I find that quite intriguing.  I wish I had a cool title like that.  I think actually, that I am going to get one!  Not sure what it is going to be yet though. Perhaps I have to actually get cool first.  Then the cool description just follows, eh?  It just may be a little late in my life to get cool now. I will work on it.  In the meantime, I hope I can get some "cool-by-association" points, by introducing you to Lori.  She has a great (and growing) shop on etsy.  Her stuff is truly unique, and inspired.  She somehow blends the vintage with the modern-the classy with the quirky-throws in a bit of nostalgia and comes up with something you have never seen before.  Perhaps she should add "magical lady" to her resume! (She does look a bit like a tiny pixie straight from a fairytale).  Anyway, I really like her cute things, and I know she would appreciate everyone taking a peek! Watch for a new side bar called "DressUp" where I can let you guys know when I find cute stuff to fill our closets!

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