Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Conversations with Brother--We aren't the only ones, right?

I am going to start a periodic series of posts I will call Conversations with Brother. And yes, that is an authentic photograph of Brother playing air-guitar, apparently unaware of the fact that he is holding an actual guitar. Quite frankly, although he is a decent guitarist, his air-guitar competence is far superior, and it was a riff that allowed the greater of his two skills to shine.  I digress...When we talk, we often get to laughing and cannot stop.  I don't know if anyone else will find our conversations even a little bit funny, but I need to preserve them for my own records.  So here is the first. Preface:I have mentioned before that my brother and I love making lists.  Lists that we often debate and discuss in-depth for whatever sick, twisted and pathetic reasons.  I hesitate to even share this story with you, but it really illustrates our odd obsession very well.  During a rather lengthy phone conversation recently with Brother, I mentioned that I often get odd looks when I reference some of the lists in public. He questioned when and why. I share the rest of the story in transcript:
ME: Well, let's say I am at the gym and a John Fogerty song comes on and I say, "woo hoo--5th best rock vocalist ever" People look at me kinda weird.
BRO: Why? That is cool.  If I heard some chick say "wow that guy is the 7th best drummer ever", even if she was wrong and he was actually the 15th best drummer ever, I would ask her to marry me.
ME: (uncontrollable hysterical laughter)
BRO:  What is so funny?
ME: So, hypothetically, if you heard some girl say "Keith Moon is the 7th best drummer ever", even if she is wrong and Keith Moon is the 15th best drummer ever, you'd think she was cool?
BRO: Ya, except Moon is third.
ME:  (even more intense uncontrollable hysterical laughter--he takes this stuff soooo seriously, it was hypothetical!)  Just outta curiosity, who are #1 and #2?
BRO: C'mon!  It is so obvious!
ME: Well (temporarily forgetting his name) the drummer for Zeppelin is surely up there.
BRO: (a little irked at my obvious lack of focus) John Bonham, yes #2.
ME: (messing with the kid)  Um...Michael McDonald from The Doobies or maybe that one-armed guy from Def Leppard.
BRO: Are you trying to make me mad?  Ugh!  Ginger Baker...hello, hands down, no question!
At this point I realize, of course, that there is no point in arguing with the lad, he never changes his mind!  I also pointed out that he is the nerdiest nerdface that I know and perhaps we both ought to have a psychiatric evaluation.  Other people talk about this stuff, right?  We can't be the only ones... 


  1. Other COOL people talk about this stuff.
    Love, Brother.

  2. Oh, by the way... thanks for taking this totally awesome pic. When my future presidential campaign falls off the rails due to "embarassing photographic evidence," my minions will hunt you down!


  3. I'd like to see them try...I am like a ninja!

  4. I can honestly say that I have never rated drummers before. Couldn't name one if I had to. Sorry if that makes me uncool. I'll try to go on. I do have lists of favorites- like dinners, songs, movies, etc., but I'm usually so tired or busy that I don't think of them very often!