Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calling All Cards?

Not long ago, I posted a little blurb about a cool chick I call "PurseLover".  That name came from part of her "title" printed on her business cards.  I sorta fell in love with the idea of having an interesting title like that.  Here is the deal though.  I need help picking one out.  I honestly do not know how many people read this little bit of a blog, but if all of you (feel free to do it anonymously) would give me a few suggestions, I think it would be fun.  Admittedly a wee bit self-indulgent on my part, but fun! In my profile I described my occupation as "Full-time mom/part-time yogi.  While accurate, it lacks the flair I am looking for. Perhaps though, I lack the flair I am looking for? There's a title for you...Flairless Middle-Aged Mom/Yoga Instructor. Oooh... perhaps I should rethink this calling card idea altogether? Hopefully someone out there can come up with something better.  And it's ok with me if you make me sound more interesting than I really am, but please Help!


  1. Ok, this is totally out of my range of creativity, which is not hard because it's so small. Sometimes they do come to me over time. I'll think on it, though. THe one off the top of my head is "Mogi", but I'm not so sure that would convey anything to anyone else, which would defeat the purpose. I'll let my brain stew on it. Hope you come up with something you like. Good Luck!

  2. As with all things yoga related keep it simple. Perhaps yogamom or Namastechick, whatever you decide I have complete confidence with your cleverness it will be great!
    Good luck.


  3. Maria, you are way too nice. Lev. 2 this weekend. Wish you were gonna be there. And ahem...when are you gonna start bloggin' too, girl?

    Thanks...Mogi? Really? It would certainly get people talking! ;)

  4. How about "control freak and wannabe non-conformist"