Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FessUP: Progress Is Slow & My Buts Are Still Big...

 I am not terribly adventurous. Too afraid of looking stupid or causing permanent bodily harm I suppose. I know. But I do have the desire for more fun and more adventure in my life and for the past couple of years have been blogging about that desire. Ok, five years, but who's counting. I am obviously a slow learner and much more adept at talk than action because little has changed since my first manifesto nearly three years ago and its follow-up all about my big buts! But I am working on it. I admire people who can jump in with both feet but I am more of a dip my toe in to test the water and then more than likely chicken out because it is too cold kinda gal.

So, in light of all that, I will not pretend and make some grandiose statement about how I have changed and am now jumping in with both feet, turning cartwheels in public and going bungee jumping next week because, let's face it, I am not going to follow through on that. BUT I did take a step (yes baby step) in the right direction.

I have long admired an old pal of mine for her adventurous spirit and spunk. She is an amazing gal and so much fun! This girl belongs to a group called Be Silly . Once a month her group and other spinoff groups gather for themed photo shoots. Their pix are so amazing. I just love them. And I love love love getting dressed up in costume. Always have. I dress for halloween every year much to the dismay of Hunky Hubby and the kiddos I am sure. I have wanted to get a group together for a long time but put it off. Until this month. The theme was "Decades" and I finally just put the word out and got some girls together and we had a blast! I think most of us were reluctant and a little self conscious at first, but after a bit we warmed up and let ourselves go some. It was like play. Grown up play and it was fun. I almost cry when I look at the pix because I see a glimpse of us reluctant ones relearning how to just let go and have fun. It is hard sometimes when our bodies don't look just as we would like, or age is starting to show on our faces, to feel comfortable in front of the camera. But I felt like we were not taking pix of wrinkles or imperfect bodies, we were taking pictures of women who have lived and loved and who are once again learning to have fun and to love themselves at every stage of life.

When all is said and done, my grandchildren and great grandchildren will look back at my life and photos of me and think...Man, that broad was fun! And no one will even care what size jeans I wore...

Quote of the Day: "May you build a ladder to the stars. And climb on every rung. May you stay forever young." --Bob Dylan 


  1. Next time, add Silly Walks to your event and see if you get picked up by Monty Python.

    I love this. So much.

    1. Get a group there Denise. Do it and do it now. You will never be the same!

  2. I am crying. And I feel silly for crying, what you have caught on to is the spirit of the whole idea-and the healing power that can come with it. But so much more than that I'm crying because I just love you so much. I am this silly girl in big girl pants and sometimes I wonder if I would be who I am if you hadn't been a part of my life during the tender time that you were. Your home, your help, your advice, your warmth and love still shine so bright as an example of who I want to be. I want so much to serve in the young women's and I only can hope that I can be the sanctuary and example to those girls like you were for me. I'm so glad you girls are playing-I can't wait to see what else you plan to do!

  3. There is something so empowering in strong and resilient women...throw in silly, and it's truly a winning combo. Just love this idea!