Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Up Up And Away

The letter U today is brought to you by NatureGirl, blogger most ordinary, in cooperation with Mrs. Matlock's school for the alphabetically inspired, under the direction of Off On My Tangent. Our word today is. UP. Before I recently changed the layout of this blog, I had a little sidebar with links and quotes to all kinds of things that I find interesting or that had to do with the blog. ReadUP, for instance had book recommendations. CookUp, a few recipes or links to good ones. UPDog featured some favorite quotes from yogis or perhaps an asana I might be working on. Stuff like that. But the truth of the matter is, that I am quite lazy and would often neglect to UPdate those little snippets often enough. I got bored with the layout, and the blog stagnated. This is a problem I often have. Go gung-ho until I get tired and then stagnate. Fizzle. But I actually really do love blogging. It is a great outlet for me and I have time for it in this stage of my life. I do not know how those of you with little kids do it. Hats off to you!

But I would like to get out of my rut. Therefore, I am thinking about a little revamp. Not that anyone out there cares, but I am hoping that it will help inspire me to focus on what I am doing. I am so scatterbrained sometimes, I feel like the blog has no direction. Is this a yoga blog? A food blog? Nutrition, gardening, health? What? What are you "about" blog?! But, here is the thing, like onions and ogres and parfait, I have layers. I have lots of things that I am interested in and feel passionately about and goodness knows I love to blab about all of the above, so why not a blog with layers?!

That is where UP comes back into play. My goal is to focus my posts around those things that I love but in a more organized, structured and orderly manner instead of the haphazardness that is usually me, and consequently the blog. All of those random sidebar thoughts could be turned into posts that might actually have meaning in some unplanned, accidental way. It is like rolling with the punches, but with a plan. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that is pretty normal around here! Up Up and AWAY!

Quote of the Day: "Progress always involves risks. You cannot steal second base and keep your foot on first!"--Frederick Wilcox


  1. Hmmm. Are blogs supposed to have a particular focus? If so, my U word is Uh-oh. I'm enjoying your writing whether you're organized, structured and orderly or not, so you're already UP there in my books!

  2. My blog started out as one for artists, but it quickly morphed into something else. Whatever! It's still fun! I imagine it's no different from other blogs. Good "U" post!!

  3. Like your quote of the day! Most all of the blogs I visit/follow, including my own, reflect those layers you mentioned. That is what gives the blog substance...quilting is a major part of my life and many of my activities revolve around that. Naturally, I visit other quilting blogs and there are a couple that are riveted to that subject and nothing else. Not a glimpse, peek or hint of the person who is behind the blog. I find those to be on the dry side eventually and don't return much. It is the blogs with layers and writers who are down to earth & not afraid to reveal their day - goof ups, triumphs or even feeling is who we are & is the way blogs grow and maintain loyal readers. Just my 2 cents worth:o)

  4. My blog is a work in all blogs should be. Just be yourself:)

  5. I love scatterbrained randomness. It makes me feel normal. But I like admiring others' planning. Can't wait!

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  7. My blog started out as a parenting blog, but quickly became a random blog about things I enjoy (mainly photogrpahy). Good luck with the organisation, something I have never been any good at.

  8. Makes sense to me. Good luck with the revamp!


  9. Good luck with taking your blog up into a new direction!

  10. The quote for the day is Unbelievable, I love it...

    And I love your blog too...

    It is Unique, just like you!


    1. How Many U words can Miss Jenny get into her comments...hmmmm....