Thursday, March 22, 2012

ReadUp:The Three R's

You know that kid in class who is always kissing up to the teacher, doing extra work, and basically making everyone else ill with their transparent sycophancy? Yeah? Well that is me, cuz today I am posting 3 R's. That's right it and weep! Three 'R' words for Mrs. Matlock's AlphabeThursday.
Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. Yes, I know.

I love to read. I haven't always. My mother is a big reader. My dad says the only book he ever read all the way through was Hot Rod, and that was a magazine. I dabbled as a kid. I wanted to love reading. It seemed the sophisticated, cultured thing to do. You know, "I'm a reader?" "Hmmm. Yes, Read any good books lately?" Pretty sure their was a pipe clenched between my teeth there. But the fact was, that I was a tree climbing, fence climbing, dirt clod throwing, wholly unsophisticated tom-boy. But I learned to love reading. The first novel that caught (and Kept) my attention as a kid was Elizabeth George Speare's The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Such a great read. It was the first time that I really fell into a story and became part of it. The first turning point in my reading career. Through jr high and high school, I read mostly what was assigned. I enjoyed some, hated others. Sometime in my early twenties I decided to read a few kids books that I had missed out on, and I picked up LM Montgomery and Anne came into my life. That sweet, spunky read-headed imp set me on the path of reading. Thank you Lucy Maude and Anne.

I may have got a slow start in my love of reading, but I have always loved to wRite. I wrote little poems and stories for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I shared those sometimes, and my little sister set a very early poem to memory. I am pretty sure she is saving it to blackmail me with someday. I wrote a poem once for a college boyfriend. He read it silently and then looked at me and told me that I spelled "follow" wrong. Hmm. I wonder what ever happened to him? Oh yeah! I don't care!! The problem with writing and not reading is that it is impossible. You can't have one without the other. If you want to write. Read like there is no tomorrow. Don't just read books about writing (although some of those can be useful tools) but read good literature. I said Good literature. Join book clubs, discuss literature with friends and family. Hop on Goodreads. Get a library card! Let's get out there and read us some books so we can see and smell and hear the ins and outs of good writing. Notice what made it good. Dissect what made it work or what didn't. Read, then write.

I am not particularly good at mathematics in general, although I did kick some booty in high school geometry, but my arithmetic is better than this girl...
Let's not laugh at her. Let's not mock or sneer. But rather, gather our children around our knees this evening and explain to them the facts of life so that they don't wind up on YouTube someday.

Thank You Mrs. Matlock for being my favorite teacher. I think you are super duper and the best teacher out of all of the best teachers I have ever had. Some of the kids only put one R in their post, but I thought maybe you would like the three R's that I did. Me NatureGirl. With the three R's.


  1. Thanks for that reminder to me - to use my library card at our beautiful new library!

  2. I don't think she's as dumb as she appears, I think she's just not listening to her husband, but then does anyone?


  3. Great post. I think this video is hilarious ... and... sad. The sad part is that she's not unlike many other people her age who just do not get math.

  4. Oh my word. Just when I think my generation got hosed because the country was trying to decide whether or not to go metric during my grade school years -- and therefore didn't teach us either system for fear of getting it wrong -- I see something like this and realize we visit dingy-ness on every generation, one way or another. What I find interesting is that this really isn't a MATH question; she's trying to turn it into one, and that's where she's going wrong. It's a LANGUAGE question -- a study of how well she understands what she's saying when she says it. And again, when I consider what MY generation used to say without giving its meaning the least bit of thought (oh, the things we called each other!) I can't fault her too much. But I do love how amused her husband is!

    (And yes, I will be yours forever.)

  5. Oh yikes!
    Regardless, I think people do not how to think and reason, or are too lazy, or simply untrained.
    Why is this?

    1. That is the problem. I am pretty sure this is a girl with intelligence, she is just caught up in the language of it all and talking herself in circles. Communication is the problem...
      But like RMWoman any of us really listen to our husbands? Bah!

  6. There wouldn't be any reading if there wasn't writing! I love them both - probably why blogging is so much fun! Always hated math! {:-D

  7. Oh my laws. This clip leaves me with a few questions:

    1. Did he know she was this way when he asked her to marry him? (And the logical follow up question--their children are going to share the same gene pool you know--just kidding--kind of)
    2. Why in the world would you post such a thing, to incriminate your beautiful wife? If it goes viral, won't your wife be embarrassed beyond words? (Unless she's still sure he's wrong and she's right)
    3. Are the people around him worried about his driving when this is going on?

    I can't claim to be good at math, but I have to hope I am better than this when it comes to those dang story problems.

    My favorite book series is "Betsy-Tacy" by Maud Hart Lovelace (for kids). Again with "Maud"!

    1. Very Funny! And I am afraid it has gone viral...a day or so after I posted this they made an appearance on GMA. Poor girl...I do remember you recommending Betsy Tacy...I will have to get R to read them!

  8. She's a blonde. Just kidding. This was so funny and yes she probably needed a math teacher that was serious about making sure his/her students got it.~Ames

  9. I don't even know what to say about the video (hangs head in shame) I do know I would be pissed if my hubby posted my blond moment for the world to see