Monday, April 23, 2012

EatUp: Trail Mix Bars


I fall off the wagon on a regular basis. Lately I have not bothered to get back on. Which seems ridiculous because I know how much better I feel when I eat healthy, which for my body means real food, lots of it, and very little processed crap. It just seems that one little bit of crap turns into a bigger bit which turns into "hand over that pan of brownies and no one loses a limb." They know I am serious. The proof is in the fact that all of my children still have all of their limbs.  

In all seriousness, I do try to make snacks that will satisfy the munchies and the sweet tooth, but keep us all on track for good nutrition and fuel the bod with more than just empty calories and carbs.  Thus the Trail Mix bar was born. Be careful though. Not all trail mix is created equal. I am a nut and seed girl. You cannot go wrong with these in my opinion, but dried fruits pack a huge punch when it comes to sugars. Use those sparingly in your trial mix and don't add extras like candy. Candy next to a nut is still candy. Except peanut M n' M's. Those are a vegetable. I totally kid.


Mix together your choice of nuts and seeds and dried fruit to equal about 3 cups.
(I think I had peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts and some raisins)
Add in a cup of oats.
Heat slowly a cup of good quality peanut butter (no sugar please) and a 1/2 cup of honey in a saucepan. Let it get bubbly and gooey. Pour it over the trail mix and stir till it is all coated with the goo. Press that into a pan and allow to cool. Cut into bars and wrap individually for lunches or snacks on the go. Or do like I did and leave in on the counter and watch it disappear before you get a chance to wrap it up, which is why there are no pictures!

Enjoy! Linking up today with my friend Stephanie's amazing blog.

Quote of the Day: "“Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It's made of all those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners!” --Roald Dahl


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for linking up to my Motivational Monday Party! Your recipe sounds amazing!

  2. I want a picture! Now I'm thinking of all the possible fruit/nut combinations I could do. AND I love that quote! Is it really in the book? I thought maybe Johnny Depp was making some of those things up.

    1. Yes that quote is in the book. Depp does a bit of improv, but most of the lines are Dahl's. I will make another batch ASAP and post the pix!

  3. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to try it!

  4. Mm, sounds delish! I've been laying off the honey, but maybe if it's spread among the whole recipe, it's not so bad. nom nom nom.

    1. I too am careful with the honey, but I am with you. It makes a good sized pan, so spread out it is not too bad.