Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkins, Apples and a Little Internal Analepsis

I have such an amazing life. Why do I ever complain? Just a thought.
So, since I do not have anything new to say today, I thought I would take a look back over the last year. What was going on this week in '08? I looked at last year's posts and did a sad face. This week last year I was harvesting apples, hosting our annual pumpkin patch and using the fruits of our labors to bake, bake, bake! But this year...nada. We had a really wet, cold June and hail decimated the garden several times. After one such attack from Mother Nature it looked like I had taken a salad shooter out in the garden. My little baby greens lay shattered and disfigured among the rows of peas and carnage. Hail hit twice right as the apple tree was flowering, so no apples this fall. The cold spring did not allow for a large pumpkin crop either, so we will have to skip our usual festivities. I have to be thankful however that this is not how my family earns a living, nor do we depend on the crops in our garden as our only sustenance. I miss it nonetheless.
So THIS little flashback takes us to a time of apples and pumpkins, aprons and woolen socks. And ANOTHER from that week focused on choosing the better part--finding balance and serenity in our lives. Finally some cute pix and a little MUSING over pumpkins and babies, which really have more in common than you might think!
Quote of the Day: "Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden." ~Orson Scott Card author

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  1. So sorry about your garden this year!! The same happened to my daughter in Colorado. So sad.

    I loved looking at your pictures. Cut socks in the first set. :-) And I got a chuckle out of the quote on that post. My kids like their vegies in cake and pie as well.