Monday, October 20, 2008


I am afraid I am starting to sound like a broken record, but we had our annual pumpkin patch this weekend, and I loved seeing all the little ones thrill at such a simple thing as picking a pumpkin.  At the grocery store, all detached from Mother Vine and his siblings, it is hard to tell where Mr. O'Lantern got his start!  A couple of the kiddies couldn't resist plucking a big red juicy apple from the tree on their way out as well.  It is so chic right now to be "green". Everyone is on the reduce, reuse and recycle, all organic bandwagon, but we are completely detached from where even the most ubiquitous of all personified gourds comes from!   Some folks at our little 'earth-fest' were surprised to hear that you can actually eat a pumpkin as well as carve funny faces into it.  There was something just so sweet about the kids running to find their perfect pumpkin.  Some chose tall and skinny, others wanted short and fat.  Some cared about shape, others color.  Two little girls wanted the smallest pumpkins they could find, while the bigger boys went for the whoppers!  All in all, the weather was fine, the company was good, and the pumpkins were harvested.  I would say, a weekend well spent!
Quote of the Day:"I never met anyone I couldn't learn from."
--Henry Eyring scientist


  1. I can't believe that some people didn't know you could eat pumpkins! The first thing I do when the weather starts to cool off in the fall is make pumpkin soup. So good!

  2. Maybe this is a crazy question, but do you guys have your own pumpkin patch and had friends over or did you go somewhere close to pick your own? We grew pumpkins two summers ago and had a great time watching them grow. Hopefully this garden can be up and going next summer. Enjoy Mr. O'Lantern (or should I say the whole O'Lantern family!) and any yummy pumpkin goodies that result.

  3. We have our own pumpkin patch in the yard. When all of the summer veggies are done, only the pumpkins are left. We open the patch up to neighborhood kids one Saturday in October. My kids give wheelbarrow rides to the little ones, and serve hot cocoa and cookies. The kids make a little profit (tiny bit of incentive to weed it over the summer). It is big fun!