Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Important To Have a Twinkle In Your Wrinkle

I did something that I never thought I would do. Yep, I did. I bought reading glasses. I remember when my mom did it. I laughed. My friends? Uh huh, laughed then too. And just to add icing to my "you are nearly 40 birthday cake" I found out that my thyroid has worn out (apparently from climbing the hill) and is no longer giving us the juice we need to stay conscious past 2 in the afternoon. Hence, I will now be taking medication for the rest of my life! That combined with the hole in the cartilage in my knee and a B12 deficiency results in a cornucopia of pills to be taken daily. It is said that "Forty is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart." There.
Yes, this is me complaining. On my last birthday I turned 39. I was excited about it. I was looking forward to "roaring" into 40. Woohooo! I was looking good, and feeling good, and knew I had a year to get ready for the big day. I have been thinking about how to celebrate. Invite everyone I love over for cake and open all of those lovely gag gifts? Write letters to all the people who have inspired and taught and encouraged me over the years? Go skydiving? Swimming with sharks? The world is my oyster! Ya, well, that was 6 months ago. Things have changed. No, you are right...not really. I think I am still going to do my best to roar into it. I have another six months. I still look pretty good, and feel almost back to my "old" self thanks to modern medicine. I have an amazing Hunky Hubby who for whatever crazy reasons still likes me after nearly 20 years. My kids are healthy and cute and smart. I have great friends who only smile when I tell them I am building a chicken coop in the back yard. I could go on and on counting my blessings. Yes, truth be told, there are days I would like to have my 20 year old bod back again, but I would not being willing to give up the last 20 years to get it. With age comes wisdom and insight and clarity. People, friendships and compassion. Empathy, tolerance, charity and love. I may not like all of the changes in my body that I know are coming over the next 5 or 6 decades, but I like me. I know that I can go on counting my blessings, showing gratitude for what I have, and marveling at what I can do. I can set goals, learn new things, meet new people, serve God, love my family and savor life. If I do that I can pretty much ensure that all my wrinkles will be laugh lines!
Quote of the Day: "People who grow old well, focus on the growing, not the old."
--Dr. Dale Vicky Atkins


  1. Excellent attitude! I didn't like turning 20, but loved 30 and am looking forward to 40 and wouldn't give up what I've learned over the last 20 years for anything. Good luck with the next 6 months and then the 5 decades after wards!

  2. Every year brings something new doesn't it! Reading glasses are NO big deal! You still look young!!

  3. Well said!! You expressed the feelings of a lot of people. But even so, I will warn you that in five months you may feel a bit down about aging despite your positive attitude at the moment. But then the day comes and goes and all sadness passes with it. Hooray for that.

    And about those reading glasses. Good for you!! At my last party we apparently had a lot of people in attendance who are in denial. Most did not have reading glasses, but needed them. And although they could not read the cards they were given to read, they refused to use glasses to help. So we all sat and listened painfully while they read haltingly. Pride is such a troublesome thing. :-)

  4. Foot surgery this week just so I can run again. Seems so silly this body getting old thing.

  5. I absolutely hear you on this one! I've been alternating between panic about the approach of 40 and reminding myself to be grateful - live in the moment.

    Of course you look closer to 30 than 40 anyway - so nothing to worry about!