Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little Advice...Act II

Create a life that reflects your dreams--
 Live a life that defines your
I think I am a bit pensive today.  Those of you who read often might quip, "So what's new?!" But today it seems more serious.  I came across this quote on a blog I follow (a delightful young woman 2000 miles away, whom I have never met) and it really struck a chord with me.  I am trying to figure out what it means for me.  I really do want a life that reflects my dreams, but first I think I have to figure out what those dreams are!  Yikes!  THEN on top of that, I have to then live my life in a way that defines what I believe to be my purpose here on earth.  A bit easier, but still...Yikes!  The description of my blog says, "live life simply and naturally, surrounded by people and things you love".  I think that is my philosophy in a very teeny tiny nutshell--like a pistachio.  There is more to me than just that, but it is a good start.  My dream life is clutter free, physically and emotionally.  No extraneous papers piled, filed or strewn about.  No trivial tchotchkes, no matter how carefully placed, displayed on every flat surface of each and every room.  No fancy choppers, slicers or toaster-cooker-griller-thingamajigs in every kitchen cupboard.  No emotional baggage crammed in the closets or hidden under beds either.  No "she did this" and "he said that"...ugh!  It is also important to me to be a good steward of my physical body and of the earth.  My dream life is simple and natural and I am surrounded by family and friends who mean the world to me.  I like the idea that I can create that. Dig in, get my hands dirty, make something I love.  I am in charge of this life of mine. Number 2! Live a life that defines my purpose.  My purpose?  The purpose of ME?  Ultimately, as a Christian, my purpose here is to bring glory to my Heavenly Father and His Son.  My goal is to return to their presence.  Am I living a life that reflects that purpose?  Hmmm... Somedays, yes. Somedays, not so much.  But again, the choices are mine to make. I truly believe that this earthly mortal journey is ours to relish and appreciate! Like I said in a post back in August, "This last year or two, I have been really trying to open myself up to the possibilities of this glorious, God-given life!  I don't want to just enjure it, I want to embrace it, enjoy it, and truly LIVE it!"  I did say that post was to be continued...I suppose this is the conclusion.  I am going to work on creating my dream life and fulfilling my purpose.  Whew!  Now all that is left to do is the work!
Quote of the Day:"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."
--Joseph Campbell writer


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  2. hi! isn't the quote great? i'm not exactly sure of its origin, but while i was looking through some blogs that were tagged on other blogs (oh i could get caught up in that daily! haha) i found one blog, homegrown hospitality ( that has that quote listed on the header.


  3. That quote does give one a lot to think about. Thanks for the ponder topic. I'll think about it while I'm finding my kitchen counter and working to be clutter-free myself.