Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adventures in Simplicity Chapter 2

I captured this picture of my little girl enjoying the simple pleasure of stretching out on a freshly mopped floor with a set of American Girl books that she discovered on her closet shelf--leftovers from a big sister who has now outgrown them and is reluctant to admit that she ever liked them at all!  This is a child who really knows how to relish a moment.  She reads aloud with enthusiasm and dances spontaneously to music we can only assume is in her very soul.  One of my greatest lessons in life came from this little one.  She is now going on 7, but when she was around 3 years old, one evening she dutifully prepared for bed by changing in to jammies and getting her own teeth brushed.  She then hollered out, "I am ready to get talked in!"  Our ritual, then and now, involves a story and a discussion of the days events.  It is only a few minutes interaction, but it is time for her alone with Mom and Dad.  I try to remember every night to take just a second with each child to say goodnight. It is my time to slow down and remember that someday, these beds will all be empty.  That incident was years ago and she is much bigger, but even now,  I am not sure she knows that she is being "tucked" in...  Simplicity inspires!
Quote of the Day: "Don't worry about [kids/people's] behavior so much, as keep affirming their potential."
--Steven Covey author and speaker


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