Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Peachy!!

Well, we are expecting our first real cold snap of the season this week. Snow a possibility in the forecast. Winter comes early in SE Idaho,  but right now I am love, love, lovin' Autumn!  We made peach and blackberry pies this week.  The peaches came from Utah where the growing season is a bit longer than here, but the blackberries were right out of our own garden!  Since the advent of quick cross-country trucking, and refrigeration, the art of eating seasonally and locally has been lost.  Only a few short generations ago, people ate what was produced in their own area and only while it was in season.  Don't get me wrong, refrigeration and easy transportation of goods is a blessing, but there is something so mindfully simple and pleasant about knowing and seeing exactly where your food comes from.  
Not too long ago I read a lovely, amazing, beautiful book called Plenty: One man, one woman and a raucous year of eating locally by Alisa Smith and JB McKinnon. The young couple spent an entire year eating only food that was grown within 100 miles of their Vancouver, B.C. home. Even if you never plan on trying the experiment, the book is a great read.  I must admit, that I have not yet had the guts to go completely local (with 5 other people depending on me for their sustenance-there would likely be a revolt) but I am easing them into it.  I am becoming more aware of what is available in my own area, and adding variety to my own garden.  When we eat foods as they are in season not only are they nutritionally superior, but they taste better and are cheaper!  I also think that our bodies were designed to feed on those things that naturally come from the earth during certain times of year.
The changing of the seasons really gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the earth and with nature.  Go to the farmers market and see what is fresh this week. Taste the difference in food that is really ripe.  Take a drive, or even a walk, and see all of the changes in the trees and flowers.  Smell the air.  Take advantage of all of it.  Perhaps in your area Fall lasts a while longer, but I know that here, winter is just around the corner.  I will relish that when it comes too (only through March though), but for now I am love love lovin' Autumn!
Quote of the Day:"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
--Pablo Picasso


  1. I've thought about going "local" but then I think about how hard winter would be. Now that I'm doing the raw only thing, I don't know if I could handle the lack of variety in the colder months. There are only so many apples a girl can eat.

    I guess we can meet local halfway and buy as much as we can local.

    I still feel that twinge of guilt when I buy something I know isn't local, like a papaya. Maybe I'm just spoiled.

  2. I like your idea of going half way or three know whatever we can do, we do! "Only so many apples a girl can eat" still laughing about that one!

  3. I'm love love lovin' fall as well. Hope your pie was great. Save us a piece next time!