Thursday, October 23, 2008

Albert O'Lantern?

So, of course, it is pumpkin carving time.  Like everything else it seems, this is no longer the simple task it once was.  Nope.  Triangle eyes and crooked, single-toothed grins have gone the way of the rotary phone and rabbit ears.  
So deciding how to carve Jack has become quite a mission.  That said, our littlest carver (female age 6) came to me the other day and said she wanted to carve her carefully selected pumpkin like Einstein. Shocked, but slightly impressed at my obvious parenting skills, I asked her if she knew what Einstein looked like.  She said, "Yes, he is tall and green and has black hair and screws in his neck."  I will let you fill in the punch line on your own.  
Happy Halloween!


  1. Classic! Oh well, you have a whole yeqr, now, to teach her who the real Einstein is. Good Luck!

  2. Einstein,'s all good! They are both pretty scary looking!

  3. ok so you've been TAGGED by me : )

    come on over to my blog & see what you have to do!