Friday, September 5, 2008

Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Tin Man That He Didn't Already Have

I am getting rather excited about my upcoming yoga training.  I have wanted to do something like this since the first time I stepped onto a yoga mat.  Even more than noticing I was in desperate need of a pedicure, I was aware of every part of my body.  Even as out of shape as I had let myself get, my body suddenly felt powerful and alive.  During a yoga practice I am vibrantly aware of all my pieces and parts.  I notice how my breath feels coming in and out of my nose.  I am aware of my posture and balance.  It is obvious, if I really focus, where I am holding tension.  It is important to release that. In yoga (and I believe in life) when we refuse to release the tension, we restrict our growth.  I am guilty of this in life and yoga.  It is in the "letting go" that we really stretch ourselves!  I know my body isn't perfect.  I am guilty of wishing sometimes that it was, well...I don't it was when I was 20 let's say.  But on the mat, I am always amazed at the human frame.  I appreciate what my body CAN do.  I try to practice without judgement of where I am today.  No matter how proficient one becomes at yoga, it is still referred to as a "practice".  If only we gave ourselves that kind of permission and leeway in all aspects of our lives.  Like my friend, Heidi...
Last night I attended my 747th 'Back to School' night.  I ran into another mom whom I think is amazing.  Her name is Heidi and she has the most wonderful, loving spirit.  Despite being about 10 years my junior, she is my guru.  She takes life in stride and when life hands her lemons she makes lemon meringue pie and smashes it in the face of life!  Fun girl.  She was wearing the standard "mom at back to school night uniform" (i.e. casual pants, cute T and a little argyle sweater) except on her feet were bright red, sequined, big bowed, sparkly shoes. Yes, the kind Dorothy jacked from the Wicked Witch!  She told me that her sister had bought them for her as her "happy shoes".  She is supposed to wear them whenever she is in a bad mood.  I mean, looking at those feet, who could stay glum?  Her husband though, said she would never have the guts to wear them in (and competitive) as she is, they made their debut at Back to School Night.  Heidi sat squirming a bit discussing her daughter's scholastic prowess with the teacher, who was wearing the standard "teacher at back to school night uniform" (i.e. black slacks, blazer, and sensible shoes), all the while wondering if perhaps the teacher thought this brilliant child might actually be adopted. In the end the happy shoes made up for any embarrassment felt for actually wearing them in public.
I admire the ability to just let go like that.  On or off the mat.  It may not be yoga that does it for everyone.  Or even happy shoes.  But whatever it is, find it.  Do it.  Love it.  But remember that the shoes have to be so ridiculous that no one will think you just have bad taste!
Thank you, Heidi, for the lesson learned from a life well lived.  I am off to find some happy shoes.  Or maybe earrings and a cute sweater!
Quote of the Day:  "If someone is laughing it is a sign that someone else was creative."
--Jeff Nelson   
My brother's college art teacher

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  1. I can relate to that! I have a skirt I alway wear when I am not feeling very cheerful. It is bright red and makes me feel better just having it on. It is funny how some of those outward symbols can give us courage and strength and make us feel better. Thanks for this post!