Monday, September 15, 2008

Garden of Eatin' (horribly cliche, I know!)

So, Friday, I am making dinner, and I go out to the garden to dig up some potatoes, and voila!  I had a little 'lightbulb moment' of gratitude.  I was amazed at the beauty and miracle 
of the earth. In May, I stuck some pieces of potato in the ground and in a few short months, the little spud chunks had each propagated a dozen or so little tater tots (this is Idaho, individual results may vary). Amazing!  Miraculous!  Perfect, beautiful, ovalish Yukon Golds.  I had watered, tilled and weeded, but the little buggers really did this mostly on their own.  What a marvelous creation is this world we are blessed with.  I was so inspired by those little guys, I began to look around the yard and snapped some pix of the last of this year's bounty.
Quote of the Day: "There are plenty of people with loads of money who are anything but rich."
--Suze Orman  
financial guru


  1. Look at those beautiful fruits and veggies! There is no happier moment in life than when you pluck something perfect from your garden. It is almost a crime to eat it. I think I understand why once upon a time people gave sacrifices from the harvest to their gods.

  2. I love, no...really, I LOVE garden produce! So glad yours done so well for you! Makes a person feel all giddy inside! :) the cliche! hehehe!

    Happy Homemaker Monday!


  3. Lovely! The law of the harvest applies to areas of our life. Brings a great deal of satisfaction, ya know?