Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LinkUp: Leaping Lizards!

Leap day. A whole extra day for the year. What should I do with it? I went to the gym. But that was because it is Wednesday. Should I do something daring? Mundane? Out of the ordinary? Relaxing? Oh the choices. Don't waste this day. It won't come again for another four years! Oh the pressure! I guess I will just sit here and blog.

Leap. Leap Year. Leaping. Leap of faith. Leap Frog. Leaping Lizards. Leapt. Quantum Leap. A Giant Leap for Mankind. A Leap in the Dark. Look before you Leap. Hmmm. It has to mean something. But what to do? According to the movie Leap Year, this is the one day a year that Irish lasses are permitted to propose marriage to their lads. Don't worry, I confirmed this information with the source of all that is right and good, Wikipedia, it is totally true.

It also turns out that people born on February 29 (or Leaplings as they are called) are all invited to join The Honor society of Leap Year Day Babies. I only know one person born on leap day. I will call her today and ask if she is a member of the society. According to the Guinness Book of Records, there are world record holders both of a family producing three consecutive generations born on February 29 and of the number of children in one family born on the elusive day. Apparently it is considered unlucky in Scotland to be born today. The checkout lady at the grocery store yesterday told me that her parents' anniversary is leap day. Her dad said it was lucky because it saved him money on gifts. Plus also, he only forgets their anniversary once every four years I bet!

And how about those Chinese? They add a whole Month extra every three years. I am pretty sure that if I cannot figure out what to do with a day, I am not figuring out a whole month! The jewish calendar also has 13 months in a leap year, and is referred to in Hebrew as Shanah Me'uberet, "a pregnant year." I do not even want to think about the ramifications of that!

This leap day has been named Rare Diseases Day. Antonio Sabato Jr., Dinah Shore, and Jimmy Dorsey were Leaplings. My birthday is exactly one week after leap day. And the best news is, we have one extra day to procrastinate doing our taxes, and some of us may even get an extra paycheck this year! All because Earth takes a little longer than a year to travel around the Sun--364 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to be exact. But who's counting? Happy Leap day...Make the most of it!
In honor of the extra day Write on Edge is having a fun LinkUp. Go ahead. Go...Add your two cents. It could be fun!

Quote of the Day: "Thirty days hath September April June and November. All the rest have thirty-one excepting February alone. It has twenty-eight days clear, and twenty-nine in each leap year!

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  1. I'm always reciting "Thirty days hath September..." but you'd think I'd just know by now which month has how many days! Thanks for these thoughts on Leap Day... you reminded me that my friends are celebrating their second anniversary, and my aunt turns 20 today!