Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simplicity Habit #4

Happy New Year! As part of my attempt to right the wrongs of 2011, I intend to start finishing things that I start. You see, I am a great starter, but not so much a finisher. Lots of half done projects and half-baked ideas that I never seem to bring to fruition. So, for my first post of 2012, I am going to start finishing something I started but didn't finish. Got it? Let me explain...no it's too much...let me sum up. I had ideas for 10 simplicity habits that I was going to post about for 2011. I only got to three of them. So without further rambling...

Simplicity Habit #4--Move The Hangers

Maybe this is not a problem for anyone but me, but I did not like to put away clean clothes in the closet. That is, until I figured out a great system that works for me. It really is simple, and for some reason makes hanging the clean clothes way less taxing!

First-- I got matching hangers that do not get tangled. I HATE wire hangers. Everything falls off of them, and they get all tangled up and make me NUTS! No one needs that kind of frustration when they are trying to do chores.

Second--I always make sure to move the empty hanger to the side whenever I take an item of clothing out of the closet. This keeps all of the empty hangers accessible when it is time to hang up clean clothes. When clean laundry is ready to go into the closet, I grab the stack of empties and hang everything on a hanger first and then put them where they go in the closet. For some unknown reason, this easy, tiny, no-extra-time-at-all step simplified the entire hanging up process when laundry day comes around! Seriously. Try it. I guess not having to dig around for empty hangers and going back and forth to hang up makes it more bearable. Simple!

Quote of the Day: "Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year's resolutions, and I've stuck with it ever since."  ~Dave Beard major league pitcher


  1. Simple and brilliant. I hate digging through the rack of clothes, trying to find an empty hanger sandwiched between two seldom-worn blouses. Just move it to the end of the rod. So easy! I'm totally doing this.

  2. Great idea. I'll have to convince my hubby, too! As for my daughters, they're on their own!

  3. I love it- I was just thinking about simple changes and one of mine was having all the same hangers. They look nice and don't get tangled. I try to keep mine in one area, but I always get lazy. I will try again.
    Happy New Year