Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GrowUP: More Highly Exaggerated Confessions of a Wannabe Farmgirl

I am fortunate today to be doing my thang over at Renegade Farmer. Today's subject? My lack of famerness. Farmery? Farmocity? lack of any actual skills in the farm department. Oh, and I threw in some totally random thoughts on simplicity too...just for good measure. If it is too much trouble to click over, by all means just stay here. But there is nothing more to read.


  1. I clicked over. Nice piece! I really believe that if everyone on the planet was somehow involved in producing even a little bit of their own food, life wouldn't be so crazy!

  2. What a beautiful sentiment Maria...I think you are right. I expect to see a post about that subject from you soon! :D

  3. it's all the 'between the lines' thoughts that are so readable...

  4. Tried leaving you a comment on the other site, but it told me TWICE I was spam!


    My intentions are good, still working on the rest!