Monday, April 11, 2011

CheerUP: C'mon Get Happy!

At the beginning of the year I gave myself a tiny challenge.  A challenge to make this a year of gratitude. I think it started with the negativity that I sometimes see on Facebook.  I like the quick daily glance into the ordinary and even mundane lives of long lost friends and even close neighbors. It is nice to see how everyone is doing. But it seems sometimes that a lot of folks are complaining. I decided to "update my status" once a week with something that I am grateful for. I have fallen short of that goal this last month, of course.

Enter: The Happiness Project over at Seven Cherubs. That's right folks...Suheaven! The happiness project is fairly simple; find something to be grateful for each day for a month...then blog about it in one way or another! Ta Da! Even I can do that. I believe I will wait until the end of the period (May 10) to actually post the results, but I will work on it daily.

So there you have it. Finding joy and happiness in gratitude. Hit the link up there if you would like to join in. There is still time. Get creative...find the grateful and Get Happy!

Quote of the Day: "There is no such thing as gratitude unexpressed.  If it is unexpressed, it is plain, old-fashioned ingratitude."  ~Robert Brault writer


  1. the happiness project is a brilliant idea! I too love to hear about the fun and exciting things people are doing and I really don't care to hear about money complaints or pity parties! Ha! Nice to meet you and thanks for the follow on UBP!

  2. Read a nice little book recently called The Gift, and one of the chapters talked about "The Golden List" -- the habit of listing ten things for which a person is grateful before getting out of bed each morning. One a day is good, too! I'm grateful for your aloe vera hair gel tip. I have a daughter with long curly hair...

  3. Oops, the book I just mentioned was The Ultimate Gift, by Jim Stovall. A grateful life is a happy life.