Monday, October 18, 2010

Heeeelp! Seriously, SOS!

Ok, so within the last month or so someone, some blogger, someone we all read, posted a recipe for chili. It looked really yummy and I wanted to try it. I remember that it had some odd sounding ingredients for chili...cocoa or cinnamon, or maybe both. Anyway, I did not write it down, and now I cannot find it! Someone help! If you remember whose blog it was, or if it was you... Fess up! I want that recipe before our chili cookoff this weekend. That is all.


  1. I started following you through a blog hop and my entry one week for the blog hop was a Mexican style chili... it had neither cocoa or cinnamon in it... but here is the link just in case it is what you were thinking about...
    This isn't typical chili cookoff type chili... but it is good.

  2. My chili recipe has a tsp of cocoa in it. But sorry i didn't post it on my blog. Good luck finding it.