Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Don't you love how certain things and certain people cross your path just when you need them? Yeah, me too. It just so happens that This blogger knew exactly what I needed...well at least in the blogosphere. Summer is inevitably both busy and lackadaisical at the same time and I love that I kind of disconnect from the regular routine and just sit back and enjoy the the slow rush of summer vacation. Needless to say, blogging kinda goes out the window. But thanks to this girl, I was turned onto the Back to Blogging Project. Today is day one, so, here goes...
Challenge #1 One, Uno, Un, Ein
(re-upload the first post you ever wrote on your blog)
Here I AM! Originally posted August 2008
Well, this is my first post. A bit about me...
I am very happily married to the man of my dreams, hoping someday to become the woman of HIS dreams! We have four great kids whom we adore but take pleasure in sometimes embarrassing in front of their friends (this is a privilege as parents we claim!). I am a snob (although I have no right to be) about books, movies and music and intend to post quite a few suggestions (i.e. ego-driven overtly opinionated rants) on what you should read, watch and listen to. I feel passionately about my religion, simplicity, nature, yoga, food, politics, learning and (most of the time) life! This blog is an experiment in reaching out to long lost friends, and perhaps making a few new ones. It is also an obvious attempt to keep my mind occupied as my youngest child goes off to school...without me! I hope you enjoy it now, and return often!
Quote of the day: "See school as something that goes on everywhere, all the time, not just in libraries, but in parking lots, in airports, in trees."
--Ann Prattchet author of What Now?
So there you have it. Not very exciting because it now serves as my "about me". But it gave me the blogging bug. The funniest part is I have not really written about any of the things that I intended to in the beginning. Blogging has created a kinder, gentler NatureGirl, I guess. I have met so many interesting people in the last 2+ years. Very cool. See you tomorrow. Let the Blogging BEGIN...again.

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