Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sedeo Ergo Sum

Today, I sit. Why? you ask...
  • Weatherman predicted thunderstorms and wind, but it is currently sunny and 68. So today, I sit.
  • Good books are plentiful and I have a current library card. Oh yeah, I sit.
  • The leaves on the big tree in the front yard emerged today and I can hear the birds gathering home from their winter vacation. Of course, I sit.
  • Finding stillness is essential as the seasons change...for good health and peace of mind. Quietly, I sit.
  • I nearly sliced the tip of my finger off yesterday requiring 4 stitches, so I am feeling stupid and in pain. Therefore, I sit.
  • I am skilled at ignoring the call of dishes, laundry and dust. Happily, I sit.
  • All too soon I will be driven from the front porch by oppressive heat. Today, I bask.
  • Time stands still in the clouds and trees and the song of Mother Nature. For a moment we are one. If I just sit.
  • The "to do" list is put away. Tomorrow will come. Today is now, so I sit.
Quote of the Day: "Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself."
--Zen Proverb


  1. I'm glad that you sit. Everyone needs to take a break!! Some people feel really guilty for sitting! So, I'm glad you sit!

  2. I think we got all your bad weather! It has been cold and blustery all day. But it is still appreciated since we all know what comes next in AZ.:-)

    I am glad you got to sit and enjoy your day. I love sitting on my front porch and soaking it all in.

    Sorry to hear about your finger though!! I hope it is all better soon.

  3. Ahhhh, beautiful and so peaceful. I am picturing you sitting under that tree, book in hand soaking it all in.

    {sorry about the finger}

    Thanks for the love!!

  4. I almost feel guilty about being so busy today, but it was rainy and windy here, so my front yard would have been a bit miserable! Glad you had such a wonderful day. You deserve it. Here's to more perfect Spring days!

  5. My blog reader brings me a beautifully written post, evocative of lazy summer days filled with the pages of an engrossing novel. Pleasurably renewed, I sit.

  6. Excellent post! We are supposed to have tornados tomorrow. If we don't, I am going to sit!

  7. Excellent reasons to sit! I think taking a minute to just be is essential! I had a long, busy week so today I sit, too.

  8. oh that was so beautiful.
    I found myself feeling all relaxed and everything around me seemed so peaceful as I imagined, "just sitting" outside without a care in the world.
    Thank you for reminding me that it's GOOD to just sit sometimes and not think of the "to do" lists: )

  9. Came over from MMB. Just sitting and quietly thinking or reading helps me handle the after school rush much better.

  10. I love this post! It makes me want to do some lovely things.

    Found you over at MMB and subscribed!

  11. I subscribed using google reader!