Thursday, April 2, 2009

Da Doo Re Run Run, Da Doo Re Run

Apparently 50 was the magic number.  The girl who generally will not shut up, has nothing left to say.  But I feel some obligation (only to myself of course) to keep my 2 cents in circulation.  So think of this as a re-run.  Or as they now say, "Encore Presentation!"  The general public obviously feels less cheated when we use even overtly transparent euphemisms. "Previously owned" is another personal favorite.  Maybe you could think of it as a "Best of" or "Top 10". Maybe you don't even read me and move on to someone who actually has something to SAY!  I am just giving you a choice is all. If you feel like making a comment, please do it on this post rather than the oldie where I will likely never find it!  And now...our feature presentation....


  1. That is funny! We were definately poor growing up too. My dad drove truck until they had their 9th child. We had interesting cars, clothes, furniture, etc. I would love to meet your parents sometime. They sound pretty cool.

  2. They weren't poor or hippies, just good stewards of the resources they had! You turned out pretty good, so it wasn't a wasted effort!