Monday, January 12, 2009

Seven Things that I am Lovin' Today

#1 I hate that things rarely get put away, but I love the constant stream of music that seems to permeate the house...2 guitars, 1 flute, 1 french horn, 1 piano, 3 ipods, multiple stereos, 1 new harmonica and a tambourine!
#2The other constant in our house is art.  I am loving the two bulletin boards that Hunky Hubby hung for me to keep track of the continuous flood of new creations I enjoy displaying.
#3 I really like this quote from the new version of the movie Yours, Mine & Ours: "Homes are for free expression, not for good impression."  I think I am going to stencil that above the boards when I get a chance!
#4 I am love, love, loving this cabinet that we got over Christmas to 
hold the always-growing hoard of sheet music we posses.  It is not actually old, but it is made of reclaimed wood, so I like that.  Waste not, want not!
#5 I am liking and contemplating the idea that I exist only in me. Meaning, I am not hungry.  I feel hungry sometimes, but it is not me.  I am not sad, mad, frustrated, scared or tired.  I may feel those things at times, but I do not exist in them.
#6 I love this drawing that E-boy did of our family.  Click to see it a bit bigger.  Dad thought his pic was rather boring, so E is working on a new, more exciting version of "climbing Dad" instead of "work Dad". He certainly captured everyones essence in the drawing.  It is obvious what he thinks of his big sister!
#7 I really love this great quote from one of my yoga teachers,"Live authentically enough that you can say, 'I did my best'."


  1. I love the art bulliten boards. What a great idea. Then the front of the fridge is clutter free!

  2. I am sad that E-boy's picture will not enlarge. Correct this post haste, please!


  3. I have tried importing it several ways and it will NOT work. All of the others on the page will enlarge--just not that one. I even tried taking another pic instead! I will scan it and repost.