Thursday, January 22, 2009

If You Give A Mom A Moment...

This post was inspired by a blog that I came across by the same name.  It, I am sure, was inspired by the series of books by Laura Numeroff.  So, just for fun...
If you give a mom a moment, she'll want to take a bubble bath. 
She'll get her favorite book, candles and smelly stuff and head to the bathroom.  
She'll probably notice the soap scum and icky hairs in the bottom of the tub, so she'll want to clean it.  
When she gets the cleaner out of the linen closet, she'll notice the blankets and sheets that the kids used to make a tent in the living room all crammed in the closet getting wrinkled.  
The wrinkles will remind her that her husband's dress shirts need ironed (and that she forgot her SPF 30 face cream this morning).
When she tests the iron to see if it is hot she will burn her finger and go to the freezer for some ice.  
On her way to the freezer she will see the dirty dishes in the sink and ask one of the kids to help.  
The kid will tell her that he/she does not have time to do the dishes because he/she has to be to scouts/ballet/soccer practice/driver's ed. in ten minutes. 
Trying to relax while the teenager drives so he/she can get enough hours behind the wheel to pass driver's ed. will make her wish she hadn't skipped yoga this morning.
When she gets back home and starts the dishes the roasting pan will remind her that it is time to get dinner ready. 
Defrosting the chicken will make her think of the peacock costume that the little one needs for the kindergarten program. 
Kindergarten will make her think of learning how to read and she will want to get the book that she borrowed from the library three weeks ago but hasn't even started yet.  
And chances are if she ever finds the book she'll want to read it in the tub--soap scum, icky hairs and all!


  1. Maybe it should be "If You Give A Woman A Moment"! It sounds a lot like my life - subtract the kids and add a dog! Hey, if we weren't busy taking care of everyone else, we wouldn't enjoy that bubble bath near as much! I love reading my book in the bath tub.

  2. You wrote this much better than I ever could have! But yes, this is what I had in mind when I named my blog.

    P.S. I want to take a bubble bath, but I don't want to clean the tub.

  3. Amen, though I'm not much of a bubble bath person. I do LOVE to read and never seem to actually get around to it. Someday!

  4. Very cute, and all too familiar! I love bubble baths, but if I had a moment what I would really like is a nap. I go to bed at 11 most nights and am up at 4:30 all week. But, I always end up doing exactly what you wrote about. One thing leads to another and then the kids are home from school. Very good insight. Thanks for the post.

  5. So you know, I just tagged you on my blog. The assignment is to post seven things about yourself that most people reading your blog don't already know. I look forward to reading your post!