Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yeah, Well, UpYours...

Have you ever felt picked on? Yeah, we all have. It seems that once in a while a certain level-headed, kind-hearted, non-judmental, minding her own beeswax NatureGirl, becomes the brunt of family jokes. Not necessarily undeserved mind you, but my lifestyle choices are sometimes derided and scoffed at by certain members of my clan, who themselves adhere to some of the same values and principles as I, but nonetheless, find it humorous to point the finger at me and laugh.

I offer an an example as evidence...

MY RECENT ONLINE STATEMENTJust realized I may be as much of an embarrassment to my kids in the grocery checkout as my mother was to us...

BROTHER: What did you do? Coupons? Or being a chatty Cathy?

KID: BOTH. BOTH OF THOSE THINGS SHE DOES. (Caps were hers, but I do not know why she is talking like Yoda)

ME:  No coupons this time...but a nice conversation with the cashier Cindy, and the next lady in line. Also Cindy.

BROTHER: Oh, you were chatting up Cindy and Cindy? "How funny! How many Cindies are in this place? All at the same time? Are you buying bleach, too? Oh, me, too. Same brand? Ah, how funny. G'bye, Cindy. G'bye to you, too, Cindy!" No that's not embarrassing at all...

ME: Uh. Why would I buy bleach?

BROTHER:  Oh, I forgot who I was making fun of. "You're buying granola, too. Yep, and hummus. Mmmmm! I love hummus, Cindy!"

KID: I love hummus, Cindy! hahah. I was just going to be like. "Oh you buy the same vegan kosher gluten and fat free low calorie diabetic protein bars as me?? Cindy, you shouldn't you are already so thin Cindy it must be all those hot yoga classes, Cindy."

ME: Now you guys are just ridiculous. I would never buy anything fat free and I make my OWN granola! Sheesh!

KID: The bars are fat free is because between the being vegan and kosher and gluten free and diabetic there is only dust left as an ingredient, and as is so happens dust is low in fat.

Again, I say Sheesh!

Quote of the Day: "A man with a hump-backed uncle mustn't make fun of another man's cross-eyed aunt."~Mark Twain


  1. I can totally commiserate! My kids and siblings love to poke at me, too. But we only get poked at because they know we're right!!

  2. Dust is low fat! Bwah! I somehow missed the rest of this exchange on fb, but I'm awfully pleased that you recreated it here.