Monday, June 18, 2012

ListenUp: Sir Paul is 70!

I am pretty sure that we all remember our first solo experiences with music. Meaning, music that we listened to on our own. Solo, in our rooms with a small boombox or walkman. Or in my case, a hi-fi turntable with headphones bigger than the ones they use in the cockpit of a jumbo jet. But hey! It was 1980. And even though, technically this was not the music of my generation, but rather the music my of my parents' era, I was hooked! I nearly wore out a double album compilation, and the White Album. We watched the movies, and the grainy footage. It was more than just music. Those mischievous, mop-topped, wisecrackin' lads from Liverpool introduced me to Rock n' Roll and ushered in my teenage years in style. I was never burdened with having to listen to the nonsense pop music of my own generation (except for a somewhat misguided albeit very devoted Duran Duran phase in jr high.)  No doubt, growing up, it was the Beatles in my house and it still is. So today we honor the music and the legend that is The Beatles. WHY you ask?  Because today Sir Paul McCartney is 70....

(I wish he were with the other boys and not these guys, but Linda is on tambourine...)

Quote of the Day: "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."
--Paul McCartney adorable old guy and genius lefty 

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