Friday, December 2, 2011

UpDate: Hey! What's The Problem?

So, now that I have spilled my guts about the struggle. I am here to offer and ask for some solutions. I know what makes me feel healthy, but I am not always good at following through with it on a hourly, basis. I had my check up with Dr. V this summer and told him that I was struggling again. He asked me to write down 5 things that challenge me when it comes to eating and then come up with 5 solutions to those challenges. Here is what I noticed that I struggle with.

  • I love sweets. I do not seem to be able or willing to give up sweets when I am really craving them. Period. I deserve it. The problem is I feel like poop after I eat them, especially if I am indulging on a regular basis.
  • I know that I need to eat a regular intervals, about every 2-3 hours. This keeps my blood sugar level and ensures that I do not get too hungry which leads to some serious binging on anything and everything I can get my hands on...usually empty calories. But let's face it, snacking in between my SIX scheduled meals is probably not necessary!
  • Monday is our Family Home Evening night. This is a night for a gospel lesson, scripture reading, fun and games, and of course TREATS! I never pass up the Monday treat...duh.
  • Sunday we are in church from 11-2 which means that we eat dinner around 3pm. This means that by 7 o'clock everyone is in want of a little treaty treat which would not be such a problem if we did not follow the Sunday treat with the Monday treat.
  • The fifth problem is the weekends in general. Even after a week of mindful eating (more about this later) I sometimes am prone to a bit of mindless "grabbing and going" on the weekends. Dr. V kindly informed me that one day of poor eating takes two weeks to recover from. Ugh!
So, there you have it. My problem areas. Anyone else share these or have others they would like to share with us? Next step is the solutions. I have come up with my own, but I would like us to exchange ideas. If you are willing to do some posts on this subject as well, that would be great. Leave a comment with the link. If I can figure out how to do a link up maybe we will head there at some point. I have some more ideas and some hopeful things up my sleeve too. Stay tuned!

Quote of the Day: "Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling."--
--Dave Barry super funny guy


  1. Really? Two weeks to recuperate? This reminds me so much of myself when I became diabetic. It has taken a long time for me to get over the sweets thing... but I still allow myself a special treat most days... one small piece of chocolate, from a fair trade bar that has to last me an entire month. If I eat it all in one day, not only do I feel lousy... but no chocolate until I'm due to buy the next bar. Not easy, but worth it!

  2. Are you looking at the amount of sugar in some of the food you eat? That's what got me originally. I was working full time at the time and we were eating more pre-packaged food than I'd like to admit and EVERYTHING was PACKED with SUGAR!! My 300 calorie low-carb lean cuisine had 25 grams of SUGAR!!! How is that even possible!! The low-carb, low-calorie protein powder was packed with SUGAR!! Everything that was seemingly fine to eat, things that you would think (spagetti sauce?) was all packed with sugar!! What I have found is that if I cut out sweets, but still eat these other things that have sugar-I crave more sugar. It truly is a drug, and a very scary one!! AND NO FAKE SUGAR!! The sweetness in that cancer causing crap will continue a sugar addiction!! Even MILK is loaded with SUGAR!!! And my whole wheat bread! So aggravating! Anyway, once I realized how much I was sugar I was consuming that wasn't "sweets" it really opened my eyes to why I was craving it so much. After eliminating all of that (check out Candida Cleanses) I finally started to feel better, and I went through some really scary withdrawl! After a year or so of working on that, overcoming that, and the deserving issues (read Women, Food and God-amazing book!) I can happily say I can have the single scoop of ice cream and not feel like I'm limiting myself...I can have peaches with milk and feel like I'm eating sweets, and if I need a brownie I eat the brownie and move on with my life! Oh, and get hooked on dark chocolate-like the real stuff and that's a good go-to treat...

  3. So...I was thinking about you some more and I have a couple of other things:
    Not eating sweets is not about self control. It really is about getting over the addiction. Everyone thinks its a control thing-and that's how I ended up with an eating disorder in high school.
    If you don't buy the stuff, it isn't in your house...and being as lazy as I am knowing that I have to go out to get things to make sweets is a deterrent.
    OR I only keep ingredients on hand (no actual cookies/candy) so that I have to make something...and the chocolate chip bag just isn't allowed to leave the

  4. Hey! I would love to talk yoga with you. Who did you go through? Did you do the 200 RYT? Do you love it?

    Thanks for commenging.

    I love sweets too...good luck!

    jackie.wins at gmail dot com