Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CheerUP: Daydreamin'

I'm still here. I have been a bit in the dumps since school started again. I did not write much this summer anyway. I don't think I have anything left to say. I have not been myself lately. I think I need something different to be happening in my life. I suppose that means Making something different happen. I am having the doldrums I guess. Just ready to mix it up and change things around a bit. Yes, this is really me. Yes, I am sure. No, no one hijacked my laptop. Yes, quite sure.

Anyone ever feel this way. Just...um...blah...you know? So I am open to suggestions. Mind you, nothing to adventurous. No jumping out of airplanes or SCUBA diving. I am bored, not crazy! Like maybe highlights or something? New curtains in the bedroom? I am open some ideas. Well, you know... not Open, open. Just mostly open...sort of...to the idea of changing things up a bit! My head is in the clouds, but I need my feet on the ground running. Toward what? I Dunno...I really do need some feedback on this one. Or maybe therapy.


  1. You know, you are going through one of those "big life moments" right now. How do I know this? Hmmmmm, cause my oldest kid just went to college, too. And cause it's Fall. And just cause ....

    So, I don't know what the thing is, or what you need to do, but .... I think the doldrums is cause you are in the midst of one of those moments in our lives

    Glad I could help make that clear as mud! :-D

  2. Oh yeah, and just to be clear .... I'm sure you have a lot left to say .... but inspiration isn't happening.

  3. I'm glad you're back. I know exactly what you mean. I'd like to recommend the book "When the Heart Waits" by Sue Monk Kidd (who also wrote "The Secret Life of Bees"). It helped me through a blah time a couple years back... and it's just a good book.
    The good thing about blah times? They don't last...

  4. I kind of feel the same way. I feel like I'm about to march into my 40's--fat, frumpy, and less then fabulous. I think I need a good kick in the pants. Maybe that is what you need. :) We could do it for each other. ha ha!

  5. Go into business with you sister?

  6. Actually Sister...I have been thinking the SAME thing...
    THANKS to all of you for the encouragement!
    Miss H...I will be right over for that kick!

  7. I can totally relate. I always go into the doldrums at the start of a school year, and the year my oldest went to college I cried for four months.

    But this year I was feeling a bit down as well. We have some bad things happening with friends and that added to the depression. My cure was to start a new hobby. I have always wanted to learn about cooking different cuisines, so I started a cooking club--first meeting was today.

    So I guess my suggestion is to start something new. More long term than highlights or bungee jumping. That business with your sister (read the comments) sounds like a good possibility. :-)

    Best of luck!!

  8. This happens to me every year that school starts. I actually went through it harder over the summer weirdly enough. I think you need to get lost in a good, never read before by you...book. After that rent a comedy. A classic comedy. Like Arthur or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, or The Scarlet Pumpernil (?)....then just bask in the humor and emerge refreshed. I hope you can shake this off. Oh wait! Maybe we should both change our background blog appearances? Oooo...living on the edge....nope. Nevermind. I'm too attached. :o)

    My best, Lynn