Friday, March 4, 2011

Ugh! (almost) Utterly Useless...

"Uuuuuhhhmm...As usual, I am a day late and at least 2 or 3 dollars short. Yesterday was AlphabeThursday over at the Matlock School For Syllabary Obsessed Bloggers. But alas...I missed it, which means, likely no one will read this.  Which is too bad for me, because I need help. And not just the kind of help that I usually need.

You see, I have this little notebook. I write little notes to myself because I am so old smart and have so much useless important information in my brain that I cannot possibly be expected to remember all of it, so...I write it down.  Problem: I wrote a great tidbit of wisdom that I wanted to blog about and now cannot figure out what it means! It is profound and I am sure that at the moment that the idea struck me, thoughts were flowing, planets were aligning and the universe and I were one.  But the lightbulb was a fast burning one and now the note is almost useless.  Perhaps you can figure it out...

"BE" remarkable. Influence for good.  There is not my truth/your truth--only one truth--manifest differently.  Beethoven through his piano, Picasso through his brush, Blake through his ben.  All one truth--truth is eternal/light/Spirit.
Ok. So there it is.  Nice huh? It is not to say I do not know what it means precisely.  I just do not know where I was going with it.  I like the thought though.  I want to expand it, and I will keep pondering it so that I can, but in the meantime...any ideas?

I like the idea of the "BE" apposed to "ACTING" remarkable. To me there is a huge difference between Being something and Acting in a certain way.  AM I virtuous, honest, kind or loving? Or do I just Act that way?  It is more an internal part of us rather than merely an outward expression of something we want to be.  In my mind though, it is ok to behave a certain way until it becomes ingrained in us and part of our being. Fake it till you make it...ya know? Each of us is so remarkable in our own way. In our own right.  We are children of God. Unique and individual. All that is good in the world comes from Him, through us.  All Truth, all Light. But each of us expresses that in a different way.  Through art, music, words, smiles, food, photographs, kindness, sympathy, science, crafts, decorating, raising children, farming, gardening or loving. Plus a million other talents and endeavors as unique and important as each of us.

So, any thoughts? Sorry for the disjointed jumble of ideas today.  I wanted to get something down on "paper" today while I had the chance.  Thanks for listening...

Quote of The Day: "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than You!" --Dr. Seuss (happy belated birthday to a great genius and philosopher)


  1. I love that quote! As an artist, I can certainly relate to it. As far as "being" and "acting" goes, my blog pretty much tells people just what kind of person I am.

    I just wish you could remember who wrote that quote!!!

  2. Oh...I guess I was not clear. I wrote that...just a random thought I guess!

  3. I'm reading. I'm reading! I'm always a day late!

  4. These are great thought. The being and acting thing can go both ways, I think -- like you said "fake it till you make it". ~Amanda

  5. The quote reminds me of those pictures where one person sees a witch and another person sees a beautiful lady . Your quote is remarkable I like this part There is not my truth/your truth--only one truth--manifest differently.

    the different manisfestation is in how we perceive Truth and it doesn't mean anyone is right ONLY Jesus Christ is right :) Praise Jesus! He is the Truth manifested in us .

  6. I am too tired to try to be profound, so the only thought that comes to me after reading what you wrote in your notes, is how all truth comes from the same source, but can be manifest differently.

    However, about your "BE" . . . my husband and I were just talking about that same thing--the difference between "going through the motions" and truly being something. I agree we have to start somewhere--like serving people might be the first step in becoming a kind person, but eventually there has to come a change of heart, where kind (or any other good quality) is who we actually are.

    Anyway--great thought for my morning! Your posts are always a good read.

  7. feel good about yourself please..

    live life the way you wish, it is never too late to share.

    love your honesty.

  8. I like your thoughts. Very thought-provoking. Gives me a few things to think about today!

    (you asked where we got the game...we got it so long ago that I can't even remember. I love to meet people that love games! We also like Monopoly deal, have you tried it? We will have to try the Scrabble Slam one, it sounds fun.)

  9. All I have to say is your notes to remember things are so much better than my notes to do the same.

    Yours actually make sense!

    I have to laugh that you consider this post utterly useless. Obviously you have never read my blog before.

    Thanks for the laugh today on this little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "U".

    I think you are uber-cool!


  10. I love your thoughts you wrote down. Be remarkable stood out to me too, really love it.

  11. I think you did a lovely job of turning a note into a post. Even if you have no clue what you meant to say, in the way you told us, I think you got your point across. My husband has been telling our kids lately "Act kind, polite, this that and the other"....and it really boils me up because exactly how eloquently you put it here. There is such a stark contrast between being and acting I strongly believe. I'm going to use this as my cheat sheet when I broach the subject with him. Thanks!

    My best, Lynn
    *sheesh maybe I should have wrote you an email!