Monday, February 14, 2011

All You Need Is Love

                                                                    Got Me Some Love

So this amazing chick (we will call her  The Amazing Laurie) over at Little Blue Chairs has been spreading some Valentine love around in the form of some little blog awards.  I cannot even express in words how much I love her blog.  I really want to just move into her house, but you know, she is living there and all...
But go check her out, and my guess is you will want to move in to.  She really is The Amazing Laurie.  She can make a broom closet appear out of thin air! Seriously.

                                                                    True Love

One of the conditions of the award is to share 7 things about myself.  Well, for a couple of reasons, I am going to bend the rules a bit.  Reason one.  I am not that interesting. Reason two. It is Valentine's Day and I am dedicated to furthering the cause of love in the universe. So, I am going to share 7 things about US.  That is...NatureGirl et Hunky Hubby.

1. We met in college in a class for American Sign Language interpreters. The class was late in the evening and did not get out until after dark. Hunky Hubby (who was only known as Hunky Boy in the Class back then) offered to walk me know, for safety reasons.  He LIED and said he lived near me, but he actually lived on the opposite side of campus.  I was cute back then too.

2. He walked me home nearly every Tuesday and Thursday for like 2 months (and even held my hand) but never asked me out on a date.  I finally said, "Are you ever going to ask me out?!" To which he replied, "Did you want me to ask you out?" I am sure that needs no further comment.

3. Our first date was to a haunted house.  This was actually a good move. (Although at this point, almost ANY move would have been good.)  I buried my head in his chest and did not come out until I saw the light of day. Or, well, at least the streetlights, because it was dark outside.

4. Our first fight came when he ditched me over Christmas vacation to go skiing with "the guys." I found out a couple of weeks later that "the guys" consisted of Heather. (No, Dear, her brothers do not count.)

5. I asked Hunky Boyfriend to marry me at least a dozen times before he finally asked me.  He said yes every time, but we were not "officially engaged" until he did the asking.  Whatever.

6. When Hunky Fiance asked my dad for permission to marry me, my father said, "If you want her, Son, keep her."  He did not get the hint.

7. I finally got to call him Hunky Hubby on June 21, 1991.  And despite what most women was not the happiest day of my life. Every day since then has been even better...
                                                        And yes he is still quite hunky!

                                                                   Share The Love

I am also to share some of the blogs I read.  It would be nearly impossible to share all of the great people I follow, so to make it fair, I am going to share a few of my most recent finds...

Sweet Scented Path
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Happy Valentine's Day to all. And remember this...

Quote of the Day: "In the end.The love you take is equal to the love you make."
--Paul McCartney bard


  1. Aw- you are so kind. I love that you are still so in love with Hunky Hubby. Hope your Valentines day was great!

  2. What a fun post. Loved the fact that you asked him to marry you multiple times.

  3. Haha, love getting a little background on how you and your husband ended up together.

  4. You have a lovely blog....with interesting stories! Keep it up!

  5. That was a fun post to read! I loved how you finally asked, "are you going to ask me out."

    I hopped on over to little blue chairs and I can see why you like it. Adorable.

  6. I love this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That's too cool that you know ASL too! I took 2 years in High School. My sign name is an L being pulled up across my cheek into a smile. I wonder why... :oD

    My best, Lynn