Monday, January 17, 2011

Wanna Be A Balanced Mom? Me Too...

I am so excited to be guest posting today and to introduce you to a pretty cool blogging chick!  

Crystal is a wife & mother, a fantastic home decorator, a former missionary to Germany, a blogger & business woman, a home organizing, coupon clipping, marathon running, love-song singing, health and beauty guru. Wanna know how she juggles it all? The answer is...she doesn't!  She balances it all.  And thankfully blogs about it over at Wanna Be Balanced Mom.

Right now Crystal is also introducing something pretty cool. It is the Wanna Be Balanced Planner!

She has designed a weekly planner that includes short "to-do" lists (we are balancing and simplifying...remember?) weekly meal plans, grocery lists, activities for children, home projects and much more! 

So, for today read what I have to rant about on the subject of balance in our lives over at Crystal's place, and get to know her while you are there.


  1. I am so excited I found your blog via Crystal!! I am your newest follower! come follow me back and lets keep in touch! :) you have an amazing writing talent!!!

  2. I loved your post/essay at "Wanna Be a Balanced Mom?" You're a-making me think, girl.

  3. It was intended to make us all thanks Shell!

  4. Hey! I awarded you a little somethin'. Check it out {here}! :)

    Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}