Monday, July 26, 2010

Five Little Special Blogs...

So, I was flattered to get a little mention on THIS totally cool mom's blog yesterday. Check her out. She says she is losing her mind...but she seems to have it pretty together if you ask me! I follow quite a few blogs and I know I need to get in a start organizing better so that you can see all of the amazing peeps I read (I happen to have superior taste.) In the meantime here are a few I have picked up recently...
chocolate chip waffle (creativity running amok)
words of me (luscious trip through the world of language)
whole foods kids (yummy stuff from scratch)
zen habits (relax...It's all good)
my kid (self proclaimed mess expert)
new old school (livin' large like it's 1844)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Um, Like, Didn't You Wear That, Like Yesterday?

If anyone noticed or cared about my absence the last month...sorry. It is summer. Ok, so super fun(ish). I have been trying to de-clutter as of late. Ya, you're right, who am I kidding. It is never ending. As soon as you clean and organize the last closet in the house it is time to start back on the first one again. Nevertheless, I am at it again. I know. Know. KNOW, without a doubt, that I can do with less stuff. Most of the stuff creeps in from other people. I hate to shop. But things (plastic things especially) must have the ability to shape shift and slip in through the cracks in the doors and holes in the screens, because I find junk everywhere that I know I have not purchased. I do not buy a lot of clothes for myself either, but I do tend to hang on to them long after they have lost their appeal. Pretty sure those Calvin's and Duran Duran concert T are coming back in style soon. Where did I leave those jelly shoes anyway? Oh stink, why do my stories always carry on so?

Ok, so, last week, I went to Chicago on a brief get away with Hunky Hubby. Three days, one small backpack so I would not have to deal with luggage. I took 2 great no iron shirts and one skirt, which I wore on the plane too. Actually, I wore the same skirt the whole 3 days. Amazing, totally wrinkle proof, indestructible, little black skirt. Went from dressy to casual with the change of shirts. Voila! I hate picking out clothes and so I often wear the same outfit two or three days in a row anyway. Yes, I know, some of you may be offended by this from a hygiene standpoint, but really? Get over it.

Lately, I have been thinking that I ought to just pare down to the bare essentials clothing wise à la "Tim Gunn's 10 essentials" or the like. And after my little trip I knew it was totally doable. Then I ran across this lady...*Here*. Bingo! Six items or less. Choose six items from your wardrobe, and wear only those for a month. Don't worry, certain items, eh hem, can be changed everyday and do not count toward the six. So what do you think? Should we all try? Less laundry, less clutter, less trying to decide what to wear, less...moreness. And if we get bored perhaps we need more stuff to DO not more stuff to wear.

I streamlined breakfast like this about six months ago. I have two different breakfast menus that I alternate when the mood strikes. Whole greek yogurt with berries and nuts or a veggie omelet. Yep. Everyday. Nope. Have not got bored yet. And I wash it down with a big glass of water and a stupid bunch of stupid vitamins and stupid pills because apparently everything goes to heck on your 4oth birthday! Stupid 40.

Anyway, I am going to participate in the experiment. If you are willing to jump on board with me I wanna hear about it. It does not have to be 6. It could be 5. Or 10. The idea is to simplify. Perhaps clothes or food is not your area. Maybe there is some way to interpret this experiment in other areas. Give us some ideas. I think we as Americans have been valuing quantity over quality in so many areas of our lives for years. This experiment of quality over quantity could help us see the flip side for a while. Ok...our 30 days starts...Now!

Quote of the Day: "Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art."-- Frank Lloyd Wright