Monday, July 26, 2010

Five Little Special Blogs...

So, I was flattered to get a little mention on THIS totally cool mom's blog yesterday. Check her out. She says she is losing her mind...but she seems to have it pretty together if you ask me! I follow quite a few blogs and I know I need to get in a start organizing better so that you can see all of the amazing peeps I read (I happen to have superior taste.) In the meantime here are a few I have picked up recently...
chocolate chip waffle (creativity running amok)
words of me (luscious trip through the world of language)
whole foods kids (yummy stuff from scratch)
zen habits (relax...It's all good)
my kid (self proclaimed mess expert)
new old school (livin' large like it's 1844)


  1. Why thank you for listing my Whole Food Kids blog here! What a compliment. Have a great day!

  2. Creativity running amok, I love that! Thank you for it, you are a dear heart!

  3. These are great blogs, for sure! I love your descriptions. Congrats on your award.