Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ode To The Hunkiest Of Hubbies

Ok, so this is not really going to be an ode. Sorry. If you would like to stop reading now and hop to another blog, I understand. Really. Go ahead, I'll wait. Now, for those of you who stuck around, this is a highly self-indulgent, totally random post about something that I want to talk about. Yeah, I know, "what's new?" My rules! But both Hunky and Hubby start with the letter H so Teacher won't get mad and I can gush all I want and not get sent to the office. So without further ado, NatureGirl proudly presents 42 things she loves about Hunky Hubby (not his actual name, but I have to protect his identity from the paparazzi.)
42. Knows that my favorite flower is "not roses"
41. Has great legs
40. Will eat almost anything
39. Is amazingly strong
38. Loves the outdoors
37. Helps with laundry and yucky chores
36. Always calls me by cutsie pet names
35. Whenever I see something I like he always says "buy it" even though I never do
34. Doesn't watch sports except BYU football (and that is with me)
33. Is ridiculously smart!
32. Works really hard
31. Is careful with money
30. Works at staying physically fit
29. Is sweet to kids
28. Mops the kitchen floor on his hands and knees
27. Keeps the yard looking nice
26. Always supports my quirky ideas
25. Has a terrific smile
24. Is a good athlete
23. Doesn't stink when he gets sweaty
22. Grows a nice beard and mustache, but shaves before I get tired of it
21. Tells me I am a good cook, even though I am not
20. Tells me I am good at other things, even though I am not
19. Probably actually believes I am good at those things
18. Is cuter now than when we met
17. Is incredibly good with babies
16. Cleans up poop and puke
15. Is not a work-aholic
14. Always does the driving on long trips
13. Takes us on long trips to cool places
12. Is quite brave
11. Likes to camp, hike and bike with me
10. Has a good sense of humor
9. Doesn't mind that I am ornery and sarcastic
8. Is an Eagle Scout (c'mon was there any doubt?)
7. Knows what good music is
6. Likes foreign movies
5. Laughs at the same stuff I do
4. Has awesome burns!
3. Has good taste in shoes
2. Is adventurous
1. Is mine!


  1. This old granny has to mention that he's pretty cute, too!

    Looks like you've got yourself a winner over there.
    (And I have a feeling you could make the list even longer...)


  2. A 42 item list is better than an ode - impressive!! : ) I guess maybe you should keep him!

  3. Why are the best already taken? ;)

  4. Wow! He's definately a Winner and a Keeper...especially if #16 happens often. Oh, and'll really appreciate in the years to come!

  5. It's lovely to see someone praise their loved one so openly. I have a hunky nearly hubby too.
    Be happy :)

  6. Great letter H post :) !

  7. What an amazing man! My husband tells me I am a good cook, even though I am not too.

  8. Where on earth did you find the perfect man?? Boy, are you lucky.

  9. He had me at #28. Tee Hee...nice to hear someone saying great things about their spouse:)

  10. He is a great guy! I think John secretly has a crush on him. :)

  11. I am your newest follower from Jenny Matlock. My middle name is Helper. Please follow me as well. Thank you.

    The Disconnected Writer

  12. uplifting h post.
    keep smiling.

  13. He sounds like a keeper. Do you hire him out for kitchen floors?

  14. Wow, his older brother/father single?

  15. What a great and fun post!!! And gush all you want. You've got a good one there!

  16. What a loving link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    Your husband truly sounds like a gem. But I suspect he is only as wonderful as you're pretty darned cool yourself.

    What a neat list...sounds like a great start to a Christmas jar!

    Thanks for the smile and for sharing your hunkies of hubbies today.


  17. Well I think it's cute that you wanted to share those things. I enjoyed reading about him :)

  18. These are wonderful!! I did a scrapbook layout once like this and Dave really appreciate it.

    By the way...I appreciate your comments on Words of Me. Thank you so much for reading!!!

  19. What a nice tribute! ANd I just have to add that the last photo scares me! :)