Friday, February 20, 2009

Going Bananas?

I am having trouble quieting my "Monkey Mind" lately. Yogis believe that the "monkey mind" is that constant flood of thoughts streaming through our brains-like a monkey jumping from branch to branch. Our monkey mind is usually only interested in the next "banana". It is the part of our mind that pulls us from the present moment and keeps us from relishing the now. I have been bumping and jumping around this last month, not seeming to focus on anything important to me.  The secret, I know, is to observe those extraneous thoughts, but not to become absorbed in them.  Do you ever have those days (perhaps weeks, months or years even) when you feel like you are just treading water? You have used nearly all your energy, yet are no closer to shore? 
I take a Spinning class a few times a week (group biking class with loud music). The instructor often uses the phrase, "resistance is hard."  She is talking about the bike of course, but I am reminded of life's little lessons every time she says that.  Resistance is hard.  Life is complicated. Relationships are work. Happiness is a choice. Joy is a Blessing. 
We have become so accustomed to ease in our society that I think sometimes we forget that difficulty is part of life. Pain is part of the deal. Instead of avoiding the pain, or looking for the easy way out when it comes--we have to learn to accept it.  I believe in a God who wants us to be happy, balanced and at peace.  The hard part is finding that in adverse times.  We may not look forward to the trials that will come, but perhaps we learn to accept the pain and sorrow as part of our human experience.  From the simplest irritation to the most difficult trial, we think not, "Why me?" but "This too shall pass." Bettering our relationships, serving others, recognizing blessings, finding joy in the journey. Ha! Easy to say, hard to DO...but I can try.  As we learn to quiet the chattering mind, we find focus and gratitude in today--where ever that finds us.  
I think I have been too busy lately.  I have forgotten the vitalness of simplicity, creativity and love in my life.  Time to regroup and and re-center myself.  I did get through a teenager's temper tantrum (twice) yesterday without loosing my cool...that oughta be worth something right?
Quote of the Day: "Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
--Albert Einstein really smart guy


  1. Amen. Have you ever noticed how complicated it is to simplify though? How annoying.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also like what you said about losing words - aren't unabridged dictionaries being published anymore? What a shame.

  2. You always know just what to say. I think that's why I wanted to go do family history today. I takes me out of regular life and lets me do something I find very rewarding.

  3. It's hard not to have a "monkey mind" when you have children. I think I would rather have a monkey mind, than a mind full of cobwebs and dust. There are days that I feel like my mind is mush. You are always so good to keep learning and growing. What a great example.

  4. Such a thoughtful, reflective post!

    Hope you have a good weekend,


    PS Mine this time is OVER HERE! Hope you can stop by.

  5. It's so true that we seem to think our lives should just be a piece of (banana) cake. Without those tough times, however, we wouldn't really know what happiness is.

  6. Oh, I definitely have "monkey mind" much of the time. LOL
    Love the quote!

  7. I think having a toddler has brought on Monkey Mind.

  8. Interesting post with lots of food for thought. (And not with the monkey mind!)



  9. Monkey mind is common to all of us. Sometimes the best I can achieve is the simple thought of "breath in" and "breath out" over and over again. When the other thoughts want to pour in, I notice and let them pass. Not easy at all.

  10. I have chronic monkey mind...I have learned to live with

  11. I used to have monkey mind.

    But it is exhausting.

    Now I have it once in awhile but really work on not getting pulled into the drama of other peoples lives whenever I can.

    Your words, "I have forgotten the vitalness of simplicity" really spoke to me.

    The pureness of ease and grace is really all we need...even on the craziest of the monkey days!

    Thank you for linking.